I Need A New Book

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by over9five, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I want a non-fiction, must be exciting.

    Suggestions please!

    PS, it must be available on Kindle.
  2. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Hard Working Canadian Millionaires Who Started From Scratch.

    Two of the best pages in literature.
  3. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    Scratch wrote a book?
  4. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member

  5. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    Well ya sure narrowed down the possibilities. There is, what, about a million non fiction books.
  6. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds good, just downloaded. Thanks Jones!

    Well duh, that's why I asked for suggestions!!!!
  7. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    It doesn't matter what category?

    • African Americans
    • Antiques & Collectibles
    • Art, Architecture & Photography
    • Bibles & Bible Studies
    • Biography
    • Business Books
    • Christianity
    • Computer Books & Technology Books
    • Cookbooks, Food & Wine
    • Crafts & Hobbies Books

    • Education & Teaching
    • Engineering
    • Entertainment
    • Foreign Languages
    • Game Books
    • Gay & Lesbian
    • Health Books, Diet & Fitness Books
    • History
    • Home & Garden
    • Humor Books
    • Judaism & Judaica

    • Law
    • Medical Books
    • New Age & Spirituality
    • Nonfiction
    • Parenting & Family
    • Pets
    • Philosophy
    • Political Books & Current Events Books
    • Psychology & Psychotherapy
    • Reference

    • Religion Books
    • Science & Nature
    • Self Improvement
    • Sex & Relationships
    • Social Sciences
    • Sports & Adventure
    • Study Guides & Test Prep
    • Travel
    • True Crime
    • Weddings
    • Women's Studies
  8. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I was actually thinking of a war story, and Jones came up with one.
  9. pickup

    pickup Well-Known Member

    My Successful Climb to the Top. By Mr. Klein

    Oh wait, you wanted non fiction. Sorry
  10. faded jeans

    faded jeans just a member

    There are many books about The War of Northern Aggression! Try one of those.
  11. ajblakejr

    ajblakejr Age quod agis

    Charlie Wilson's War.
    Not the movie.
  12. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    I just watched this movie. This guy is a psychopath. True story.

  13. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Yep! One of the embarrassments of the Chicago area.
  14. Anonymous 10

    Anonymous 10 Guest

    Where God was born. Great book
  15. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
  16. brownedout

    brownedout New Member

    Where Men Win Glory - The Odyssey Of Pat Tillman, by Jon Krakauer
  17. hondo

    hondo promoted to mediocrity

    Amazon.com: A Savage Factory: An Eyewitness Account of the Auto Industry's Self-Destruction eBook: Robert J. Dewar: Kindle Store
  18. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    On my high school site,' Unbroken' was recommended reading by just about everyone.
  19. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    No, but my wife has...........a novel that wouldn't be up his alley.
  20. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    because of the big words?