I wonder if leaving UPS was the right decision..


Family Leave Fridays!!!
...yes, yes it was. Seriously, WTF?


Family Leave Fridays!!!
That’s the first time I’ve ever seen one, from searching TP60 they’ve been around forever but must be regional and center specific.

This one is in the heart of Seziure World in the OC, not exactly an industrial area, so I’m still surprised. Guess all the grannies discovered Amazon finally... or maybe we are the grannies now :-/.
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175 route, 2 center building. We send a few guys out daily with them. During peak I towed one daily. Drop it off in a parking lot first thing in the morning, go empty the truck. Me and my hopper would then reload my truck and empty it again. Honestly, it was nice. Could walk thru the truck all day. The trailer was half filled with my stuff and one other route. Luckily I was usually the second one to get there so I didn't have to sort thru the disaster!!