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  1. upswonder

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    I am dealing with a problem. I am being punished for filing a grievance. I know it is my center managers way of trying to "teach me a lesson". I know there is know way to prove this, but with extra workers every day and several people trained below me on this certain run it is to obvious. I am just looking for advise on what if anything can be done in a case like this.
  2. drewed

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    grieve that too
    and if you have to continue grieving, talk to hr see what they say.....and if that doesnt work call the ehics hotline
  3. upswonder

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    Thanks I think I will
  4. soberups

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    Start keeping a little notebook with you and document everything with it....names, times, dates, witnesses. Dont back down and dont show any fear. Your manager has a file on you and he documents every little mistake you make, so it is only fair for you to return the favor. Once he sees that you arent going to respond with fear, he will back off and seek an easier target.
  5. Mr.Brown

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    hang in there . don't let them scare you, just remeber there is more of us then them!!!!
  6. satellitedriver

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    If he is that kind of center manager, he will not last.
    Do your job to the best of your ability, and ,in time you will see his body float by while you sit by the stream.
  7. DS

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    SD this is a gem,and good advice too.
  8. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Most center manager's are that style. Is that why most don't last? :biting:
  9. brownmonster

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    The modern mgmnt. techniques that quality, progressive companies use are lost on our Brass. Today's worker doesn't respond to hard line tactics. That's why they're lining up at the door for jobs.
  10. sx2700

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    Our current sup came in a few years ago and acted like a complete jerk. Screaming and hollering and carrying on, thought he was gonna shake the place up. We have a crew of older guys that just kind of laughed it off and ignored the guy, which really irked him. In the end he realized that we actually do our job well and even better when some knucklehead isn't carrying on like a fool.
  11. stevetheupsguy

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    Reminds me of the movie War of the Worlds, with Tom Cruise. Hmmmm, wonder if those were all center managers floating by?

    Don't sweat it, all center manager's and Supes act the same way when someone stands up. Stand by your grievance and don't let em sweet talk you. They'll do anything to get out from under paper.