IAM is in for UPS Freight mechanics

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    FYI.... The IAM has been granted representational rights for mechanics in 6 UPS Freight terminals. WAY TO GO MECHANICS :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:
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    Would like to see some source information on this one. Otherwise, you need a crash course in Internet credibility. -Rocky
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  4. iam

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    Rocky...hows that for a crash course in internet credibility:w00t:
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    Rocky don't do Google!!
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    Hey, I can admit when I'm wrong, sir. The fact I didn't neg you outright should tell you I'm a reasonable and open-minded person.

    To be perfectly honest, I'm not really surprised about those two terminals outside Chicago considering Chicago is a "union bastion." Detroit really isn't a surprise, either. I'm a little--just a little--surprised by by Richmond and St. Louis since those are both located in Right to Work States if I'm not mistaken. But I'm blown away by Reno. Didn't I recently see a post from a guy at Reno, swearing the IBT would never make it in. Well...the IAM certainly isn't the IBT but its there! It'll be interesting to see if any more mechanic's vote the IAM in, let alone if the IAM represents dock workers/drivers. Regardless, congrats to the IAM! -Rocky

    HAHAHA. The Web is too full of BS. I don't verify EVERYTHING I read on here. If I did, I'd never get to my grad school homework!:w00t: -Rocky
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    My dad is president of his local and the IAM isn't anything that small.

    Hell, I wish our pension fund was so well managed that with the interest it makes it could build a school for the union. I will talk to him today and see if he's moving on getting the UPS freight in his jurisdiction.

    He also told me that as an international, they are (or were last I talked union crap with him) going for FedEx as well.
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    Across the board--drivers/handlers or just mechanics? If its across the board....WOW!!! THAT is ambitious to say the least. Good luck to the IAM! -Rocky
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    Selling IAM is very easy. The pension alone will sell it's self. The UPS freight mechanics did not do wrong by going IAM. I am fortunate to be apart of IAM, knowing what I have waiting for me when I retire. The numbers are second to none.

    If UPS can get the pensions for the drivers setup the same way. There will be an awful lot of happy drivers.
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    NEW YORK, Oct 7 (Reuters) - United Parcel Service Inc (UPS.N: Quote, Profile, Research) freight workers in Indianapolis ratified a new five-year contract reached by the Teamsters union that raises workers' wages and boosts the company's contributions to pensions and benefits.
    The contract, which covers 125 freight employees, is considered to be the first step toward the unionization of UPS's freight work force of about 15,000. The contract was ratified by a 107-to-1 vote.
    "Thousands of Overnite workers fought so hard for this day to happen," said hall, director of the Teamsters Parcel and Small Package division and lead negotiator.
    UPS Freight was formerly known as Overnite Transportation.
    "We won't stop until all UPS Freight workers have the secure future that they deserve by working under a Teamster contract."
    UPS and the Teamsters union reached a tentative agreement on Sept. 30. (Reporting by Kenneth Li and Nick Carey in Chicago)
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    Moreluck, that would be for the drivers and probably dock workers. The mechanics will be represented by IAM.
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    Sorry pip....I meant to put in under a general UPS Freight topic......someone beat me to it I see.
  13. Yes Pip this deal was for drivers and dockworkers. But everyone is still waiting for details.
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    Does this mean they will only be getting an accural rate of 60% of everybody else before jan 1\03 or 04. Of course it doesn't matter to me they'll still will get more than small package side.