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  1. YouKnowWhoIam

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    I think it would be interesting to see pics of the inside of your package car before you leave in the morning..the GOOD,the BAD and the UGLY! A thread similar to Cementups"Hows the view". You know what they say...a pictures worth a thousand words.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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  3. packageguy

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    Just don't put your truck # in the picture. lol
  4. brownmonster

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  5. packageguy

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    Brownmonster, is that a bulk stop. lol
  6. softshoe

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    Perfect Load...Shouldn't be any excess sort time!
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  9. brownmonster

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    This is the view from the cab.
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  11. curiousbrain

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    Good thing those packages are lip loaded.
  12. Shryp

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    In our hub I have seen a wooden crate with "Live Venomous Reptile" written on the side.

    Another time I saw a crate/cage/screen thing that had a live bee hive in it. That was the best treated irreg I have ever seen.
  13. bottomups

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    Does anyone out there have pictures of their truck that can be walked through in the morning? Dragon said it was so!
  14. hurricanegunner

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    Keep from extreme temperatures??? HA!!
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We have four of them every Monday morning--wait, those are the areas that were cut...
  16. soberups

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    always remember...priority #1 is to get that preloader off the clock!
    bad load.jpg
  17. over9five

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    Lol, nice!
  18. Cementups

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    This is my old trip :(

  19. menotyou

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    Holy Crap!!!!! Someone was actually trained to load?!?!? :faint: That is very impressive. :thumbsup:

    How old is that picture?:funny:
  20. over9five

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    Trained to load????? There's only 50 pieces, how hard could it be?