if hoffa win

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by upsers22.3, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. upsers22.3

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    are we going to sit back and accept whatever he gives us.
  2. Inthegame

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    Well if enough folks didn't find the time to vote for a different candidate for GP, I doubt enough folks will find the time to protest his negotiated proposals. Hoffa doesn't "give" anything.
  3. 3 done 3 to go

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    We will find out this week:sick:
  4. island1fox

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    :happy-very:No we will never accept. We will never sit back. We will get 804 to lead us and we will OUH !!!

    Works every time against evil doers. We will occupy the Union Halls !!!
  5. The Other Side

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    First of all, who is "WE". Is this the same "WE" rank and file who ratified the national agreement in 2008 and all the riders, supplementals and MOA's??

    Believe me, all this "WE" business gets old.

    The ONLY real "WE" at the teamsters, are the ones who actually return a ballot when the contract is being ratified. From what Ive seen and experienced over 21 years of being a teamster, is that the ones who shout "WE" the loudest, and make most of the noise calling themselves "WE", rarely return a ballot for anything.

    Its always the case. Just look at the numbers.

    By the way, tomorrow, ballots will be counted and HOFFA wins with 53% of the vote.

  6. packageguy

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    If it was not for Hoffa, you would not
    have a 22.3 job,so be careful, for
    what you wish for.
  7. packageguy

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    Maybe you should go to package car driver.
    stop bitching,
  8. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    53% seems pretty low...what do you base this on???
  9. upsers22.3

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    hoffa did not create the 22.3 job and he is no carey.
  10. The Other Side

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    Historical averages and the fact that there are two opponents running who will split the "desention" vote.

    For example. In my local, our election historically can be estimated pretty closely. "I" with two decades experience with my locals elections, and a keeper of records, predicted three months ago how the outcome would play out.

    Here was my prediction:

    G 935 and H 2025

    When the ballots were returned, 3076 out of 8700 ballots were returned. 161 were disqualified.

    Final outcome:

    H slate 1985 votes

    G 955

    As you can see, I was off on H by 40 votes and off G by 20 votes. Pretty much balls accurate for a prediction.

    Out here, since 1992, the opposition vote to any incumbent has been running an average of 941 votes and the incumbent votes average 2076. The only uncontrollable variable is the "disqualified" ballots that do not get counted. An Incumbent always has the advantage, and a real challenger would have to gain more than the "disention" vote.

    In our local, an average of 3055 ballots are returned each election cycle. Most of our membership for whatever reason, fails to return a ballot. That could be any number of reasons from not recieving a ballot, to just forgetting to fill it out.

    Some of the missing votes are part timers who just dont feel its important enough to vote.

    Regardless, a challenger in my local would have to take that 941 "disention" vote and further that vote with 700 votes taken from the incumbent. Thats why its important who runs in a slate.

    Some personalities are not ready for primetime and that alone can sink a slate. In this last election last month, the opposition slate was chocked full of persons the rank and file determine to be Idiots. Of those, their associates were bigger idiots.

    Then, you couple in a TDU connection or a "shoe shine" show at the convention with opposition to Brother Hoffa, and that slate is stuck with the "disention" vote.

    Our election came down to all those reasons, and the final outcome was predictable.

    With the National Election, similiar trending is prevalent.

    Hoffa will recieve 53% of the vote and Pope / Gregare will split the other 47%. My guess for Pope is that she gains the majority of the 47% with 39% of that vote, and Gregare with 8%.

    Either way, HOFFA wins and we move forward and fight on the same team in 2013.

  11. hypocrisy

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    Spelling, sentence structure, and grammar will still be major challenges for posters at BrownCafe.
  12. Coldworld

    Coldworld Taking it all back.....

    Interesting...so what would be the biggest reason for votes that were disqualified???
  13. The Other Side

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    There are many reasons. The majority of disqualified ballots are from members who dues are not up to date. Alot of these are members who are on injury/disability and dont pay their dues while out and those ballots cannot be counted.

    Some ballots are filled out incorrectly, like too many boxes filled in and contradicting votes.

    Some ballots are returned and NO markings on them whatsoever and cant be counted.

    These are just a sample.

    In my local, the average for disqualified ballots each election cycle is 125.

    Numbers matter, keeping track of each election will establish "markers", and those markers can be used for predictions.

  14. hembone

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    Amazing, members not current on dues voting and members that can vote not voting. TOS I usually agree with you but on this one I've got to believe Hoffa pulls in more than 53%.
  15. hembone

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    It was Hoffa that forced UPS to honor the contract and create those jobs when UPS went back on their word after the contract was passed.
  16. hembone

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    Some things won't change, no matter who wins.
  17. scratch

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    Hoffa will unfortunately win, and nothing is going to get any better. He simply has more name recognition and has much more money.
  18. moreluck

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    When is all this election stuff over ??
  19. The Other Side

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    Its possible that HOFFA gets more than 53% if it pans out that POPEs message falls flat on the membership. This will have to be gauged after the ballots are counted. Just like Tom Leedhams message fell flat after many years of trying.

    He too could only manage to gain the desention vote and could never "pull" the rank and file into his corner. We will see how much Pope was able to "pull" by tonight.

    Good luck to them all.

  20. packageguy

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    At this point, does it make a difference,
    you have a job be thankful, There are
    many people out there that would love
    to have what we have.