If one values their job.

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    One better cover one ass and follow the rules to the T. UPS and Fed-Ex Suits are the same people that look at the couriers and drivers as time stealing, high school stupid, and unappreciated employees. Management will hang you out to dry, only if one allows it to happen.
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    How long you with the company? This is nothing new.
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    Welcome to blue collar work.
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    " This is Jack Burton in the Pork Chop Express, and I'm talkin' to whoever's listenin' out there."
    Love that movie.
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    Yep. At FedEx, you can add-in getting sick and/or injued as well. It doesn't matter if you blowout a knee or have a stroke....FedEx wants you gone. Just do everything by the book and never get sick or hurt. Easy, right?


    You are so right about this MF. A good friend at work got injured on the job several months ago. She has been a courier for 22 1/2 years. Well, her injury ended up requiring arthroscopy surgery on her knee, this after several weeks of conservative treatment with PT. So far, she has been out almost 5 months and been displaced. What's really sad and discouraging for her is that after all this time, not even once her manager or SM had called to see how she was doing, if she needed anything, ask about the surgery outcome, etc. When one's under the weather, a touch of concern from someone can go a long, long way, it's human nature. What's even funnier is that "the manager's required to stay in touch and make contact with the employee on a regular basis", this per company's disability documents she received from MEM. But our managers don't give a squat. When it relates to the employee's human aspect, management can care less for an injured, rehabilitating employee, regardless is company policy or not. To them, if you aren't in and productive, you are garbage. No wonder none of us believes anymore their PSP philosophy crap, claiming they put "People First". That's a fallacy. We are just a number, sometimes a negative one, nothing else.

    FedEx Cares!
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    well of course they didn't call...it isn't like she's a Panda or a Japanese person whose tsunami-tossed soccer ball ended up on the U.S west coast. After all 'FedEx Manager Shows Concern For Injured Employee' will never make the Six O'Clock News. Therefore, her status as 'NVA', or No Value Added trumps 'PSP' (Pandas, Service, Profit) at Fred and Co.
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    Yep. I know a former employee who was run over by another FedEx worker on company property. First, they fought him on paying for the injuries, then they fought allowing him back because he had restrictions. Then, they promised an accommodation, which they reneged on. This dragged-on for over 2 years. The employee finally got smart and hired an attorney on contingency and received a handsome settlement.
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    When dealing with FedEx, it's always best to consult an attorney early on.
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    Day 1.
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    Here's the deal with PR at FedEx. Nobody really cares about doing the right thing, they only care about appearing to do the right thing. It's all about making it look like "FedEx Cares", when they could really give a crap about the environment, ORBIS, St. Jude and all the rest of it. If it makes them look good. they'll drop a few million on a Diversity Award or fly a few pallets and cans into a disaster area. As soon as the cameras and TV coverage ends, so does the commitment of FedEx.

    The pandas are a whole different story. In fact, I hear that the pandas are going to be dressed in courier duds and start appearing in our new line of commercials. Fred just spent $169B buying the rights to the name "Panda Express" and the company will be re-named as part of the restructuring.
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    Geez, are they pandering again?
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    and yet they are so ignorant as to ignore that fact that it is the drivers that actually keep the company running! Pay them well. pay them benefits and make it a work environment where you actually feel you are a part of something. Every FedEx Ground and Home Delivery driver I know hates their eff'in slave labor job with a passion. This is one eff'ed up company!
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    You're describing to a 'T' the Federal Express that I hitched my wagon to many years ago. All I can say is that a hell of a lot more has changed than just the name.
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    The buffet in my town will not like this news !!!!:wink2:
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