If/When One Catches Coronavirus

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  1. That’s nice of them to cram you in a small area like that.
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    I guess the limit was 10. And we were spread out but everyone used the same pen to sign in on had on gloves nobody else did and 1 lady sneezed once. The people I work with most of them are waiting for ups or government to help them.
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    If I have been told to self-quarantine, will TeamCare provide short-term disability benefits? The short-term disability benefit will be paid provided the member has a medical requirement to self-quarantine from either Teladoc, a qualified health care professional, or a state or federal health agency. Affected members should complete the Coronavirus Short-Term Disability Claim Form and return to TeamCare. If you are receiving compensation (paid leave) during this period from your employer, short-term disability benefits will not be payable.