In state license needed?

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    Hi everyone, first time posting... I just got hired as a seasonal tractor trailer driver and will most likely be leaving at the end of the season like many of the other seasonal drivers do. Anyways I currently hold a valid CDL in the state that i'll be working in, but need to transfer the CDL to another state before the season ends for other issues. I definitely want to work for UPS, but know that I need to also worry about getting a job after the season ends. Will UPS still let me drive for them? Do I need to let them know I even transferred the CDL?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful information
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    What are the other issues??
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If he wanted help with the "other issues" he would have asked for it. He asked for help on his license only. The "other issues" are none of your concern.
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    So THERE!!! Now go to bed without your supper!!!
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    You're supposed to have a license in the state you reside in, and only possess one license. That's part of the CDL program. I work in North Jersey, we have feeder drivers that reside in NJ, NY, and PA, these drivers have licenses for their states of residence, I'm sure they had to produce those licenses when they were hired.