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    So I started preload at ups about 2 months ago. So far it's going well except dealing with the union. After a month they took out the usual monthly fee and an initiation fee. The next paycheck they also took out an initiation fee. But the last couple checks they haven't taken anything out for the union? When I was hired o was given the impression that they would take out part of the fee every week. I talked to the union and all they said was something about the lady who does it is on vacation. I'm in local 231. If anything could help that'd be great :thumbup:
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    With the enormous amount of turnover at UPS, I'm curious to know how much the Teamsters take in annually in "initiation fees"?
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    I'm sure it's a lot, my local has an imitation fee of 250 I think, 2 new hires already left after paying like $25 in fees
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    My Locals initiation fee is $20 and twice your hourly rate for dues for new hires. $250 should be a crime for a minimum wage job and no benefits. Of course that most likely is the plan. UPS gets low wage workers and the Union gets to line their pockets with the huge turnover.
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    $250 is robbery for part timers. That's what it is here as well, and they make seasonal employees pay it too. Seasonals don't work enough weeks to pay the whole thing off, so if they're not kept after peak, they get to start all over again the next time they get hired.