injured after 2 months

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    fractured my forearm the other day... my sup is beyond trying to explain what type of person she is. i am currently on workers comp and or disability until my arm is 100%... then i was told to come back.are they pulling my leg or will i be able to go back... any sane and plausible advise will be greatly appreciated. i am a pre loader BTW. believe this was the wrong thread to post in, my bad was not paying attention. i am Stan been working for the Forest Park Site for 2 months... it's more difficult than i though but nothing i can't handle... my arm was injured while loading a box which was clearly over 70lbs. was told by sup to put on shelf, not on floor... heard the pop and felt the pain...
  2. You have to do light duty for the first 30 days
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    it have done light duty for three days and got a call today that i am on WC/Disability... my radius is fractured and was told not to move the arm at all or i could wind up needing surgery and set pins put in... just trying to figure out what UPS is doing...thanx for the reply IGP 4U, i am def new and need to learn from the people that know...
  4. They always play games ,when you get hurt.
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    Change your handle Stan if that's your real name
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    If injury was done on the job, it is WC, off the job, it's disability.
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    Watch out for the spys outside ur buddy smashed his finger, needed pins, was off for a while bc it wouldn't heal...said mysterious cars would sit outside his house making sure he's not doing anything he's not supposed to
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    yeah i sort of figured they would stoop to snooping...