Input needed. What should be the next step for Integrity?

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    To all,

    I have borught up egress compliance issues here before.

    I have been evaluting this situation in the buildings that I am associated with and I still find egress compliance virtually none existent, unless someone is coming into the building for some type inspection or audit as we like to call them that is.

    I have, as some suggested here on the BC, brought this up to the sort management. It is very unfortunate that not only is this type of reporting is unwelcome, the response was down right hostile when I persistently approached them about this issue.

    Management people are required to enforce safety compliance yet I get criticized for being persistent in reporting it in their operation.

    I have brought it up to management, I am the bad guy for it, now what?

    What am I to do?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you feel there are egress issues and management is allowing an unsafe work environment file grievances as such and make sure you mention violating OSHA's egress requirement in the grievance. When possible get as many witnesses as possible to sign the grievance as well. After filing two grievances, let management know that if it gets to six grievances you will be filing a complaint with OSHA and will be providing them copies of the grievances as proof that it's been an ongoing issue. This approach has worked well in my building. I also encourage everyone not to create the egress issues in the first place. If you can't keep up, ask for help. If they don't provide you the needed help and you feel you are creating an unsafe work area or you see someone else creating an unsafe work area simply stop the belt until the area is safe and the egress issues are resolved. If they instruct you otherwise, you can refuse if it's truly unsafe or you can simply file another grievance to document the situation. Also, just an FYI - If you lodge a complaint with your local fire marshall, they will come in and do random inspections and they don't take kindly to unsafe egress issues.
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    Adjust for changing conditions. You should be working OHSA with all safety violations you observe.
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    Are you kidding me? Have you ever been around a sup or manager when they are actually working. Safety is the furthest thing from them. Okay so at least where I am. Its like beating a dead horse. They talk a good game but if you worked like them you woulf get fired. If your not one of them you should hang it up they will not listen. To management safety practices are at the bottom of the agenda as you have figured out. I also was a safety team member and I brought up several issues I thought needed addressing and I got the usual, good idea and never heard another word. Good luck. Hate to be the negative one but its the truth
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    Egress compliance is only relevant to management when someone gets hurt.
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    You should really be nice to your new future SUP....just saying
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    UPS Preloader,

    Thank you for your input.

    I really appreciate that you spent your time to comment.

  16. Integrity

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    Thank you.

    Are you familiar with working with OSHA?

    If so, does this cause more hostility at UPS when you do?

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    I have observed the same conditions and attitudes as you.

    Why do you think the rank and file and the Local Union Leadership allows the collectively bargained Safety Committees become such a joke?

  18. Integrity

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    This is unfortunate and wrong.

    How relevant is egress compliance to you?

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    Why would you say this?

    This is a mean statement.

    Are you a mean person?


    Are you just mean to me because you have no use for Integrity in your life?

    You may want to think about this?


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    Not sure I understand your comment but thanks for responding anyway.