Inside PT to Seasonal Driver (Still Union???)

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by LB_Philly, Oct 7, 2009.

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    NOTE: I tried searching and even viewing the similar threads, but my answer(s) were not found.

    I have recently started FT Seasonal Drving (Signed up for reg. FT Driving but got the bait and switch...but that's another thread)

    Anyway, I haven't signed any papers waiving my union rights. By accepting the Seasonal Job, was it implied? Am I still union?

    After peak, when and if laid-off, can or will i go back to my old inside job? At what rate?

    Thanks in advance.

    Seniority: PT 10/31/05
    pay as of 9/24/09: $11.72/hr
    pay as of 9/25/09: $14.70/hr
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    That sounds correct.

    After peak you will likely be laid off back to your old job. You would go back to your PT rate for inside work.

    Once April/May hits, depending upon your supplement and etc, you could begin FT seasonal again for covering vacations. That is how we do it up here anyway. Here it is May - Sept. 15th seasonal, free period Sept 15th - Oct 1st, then seasonals again Oct 1st - Xmas.
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    thanks for the fast response.

    So im still union then? Cool.
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    ^^^checked my check today...still union...LOL