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    I'm a preloader and I got an Intent to Terminate letter today at work. It was for 2 misloads that I had yesterday. Our center had a total of 14 yesterday, but if there's a total of 5 for the one gets written up. Management is NOT consistent with write-ups. They do it when they feel like it. Anyway, I go to work everyday. If I'll be a couple minutes late I'll call. I'm a loyal employee. I do the best I can with not getting misloads. I had 1 last first in 2 weeks at that time. I may have 2-3 misloads a week at the most...and that's not every week. Like I said, I hardly got any BS for em. I have my grievance form...and I have 10 days to return it to the steward. What are the chances of me getting my job back if I do get fired?
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    Excellent. Management must use progressive dicipline for performance issues: warning, suspend, discharge. Look at the contract links on the left.

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    Your misloads leads to missed packages.
    Missed packages lead to service failures.
    Service failures lead to paying back customer their shipping charges.
    Service failures affect all managements bonuses (on the center scorecard)

    I know a couple here and there don't mean much to you, but screws up the drivers and pisses off the sups. Try to improve on these areas. "Intent to terminate" is basically a way to tell you how important this is.
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    Recheck labels 2x or try marking the service label with a crayon so you know you loaded that exact package. Does anyone else load your assignment? drivers, suits? take the extra 5 seconds to re read the package.
    good luck
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    Don't rely on the PAL label--always check it against the address label.
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    I definitely could care less about the management's bonuses. They need to realize that I'm only human and that I can make mistakes...and that every UPS center/hub has misloads. They won't ever go away...They can fire and replace me...with someone else who'll just get misloads.
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    Make sure you write an intend to grieve letter.
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    you are absolutely right. Instead of helping you correct your minor mistakes, they will try to scare the **** of you. I'm sure they'll be better off as monkey trainers.......
  9. I can tell you that this company gives a crap about anything anymore. When we have a misload we call it in the Sup. telss us to sheet it missed, the sups. should get in trouble just like if they were a preloader, driver. Good example I had a misloaded NDA the other day I called it in the OMS called the Sup. lunch time rolls around I see my lazy sup leaving where he ate lunch looked at me and did not ask for the pkg. I called the OMS and asked if the Sup. knew about it and he said yes. The sup. could have taken the pkg and dropped it off to the correct driver but no he is to lazy.
    File a grievence buddy and do not back down from this clowns, and play stupid games like they play with you, keep a note pad write everything down, I keep me a log on how many stops, and what was said to me on everyday, and good luck, I feel your PAIN.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I don't agree with how they are disciplining this.


    The original poster should realize that it is his responsibility to make sure it doesn't happen. How long would I be driving if I misdelivered 1 package a day. Not too long.

    When you are a union employee at UPS, you need to grow some thick skin and take care of your job.
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    The beautiful new system and the less time you are allowed to load are based on not looking at the address label, only the PAL. Just like telling the driver to sort the whole truck looking for misloads. Bullschmidt. You took away sorting time, means no sorting.
  12. UnsurePost

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    load every package like it's yoru last. take 15 minutes per package if they threaten discpline or firing. As long as it's the best of your ability to provide consistency and accuracy, there is nothing UPS can touch you with.
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    You could challenge the other BCer whose handle is IDoLessWorkThanMost.
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    Talk with your drivers and see what they have to say about the misloads. A preloader has to be throwing an awful lot of bad packages for me to send in a misload message. I usually deliver them or give them to the right driver at shuttle. Funny how misloads are a hot ticket item at some places and not others.
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    Why would they give you an "intent to terminate"? If they had enough reason wouldn't they just skip straight to the "terminate" part of it?
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    hub to hub **** is so funny we've had loaders come back with 50+ missorts in one day and all they get is a "documented talk-with" if you already have your 30 working days in you should get your job back easily
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    File a greiviance. Go back to work.
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    The reason that I said this is what happened in our center on Tuesday. the SPA person must have had a rough night because we had a number of "out of sequence" pkgs. For example, I had 2 pkgs with WalMart PAL labels, one of which was going to a neighboring town and the other to our industrial park, and they were both loaded in with WalMart. The sups had a hell of a day tracking down and then either shuttling or delivering the bad PALs.

    Our loaders are trained to verify the PAL against the label but, for the reasons you indicated, this is not always happening, although it should.
  19. brownmonster

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    Start the preloaders at 4 instead of 5 and have them load 3 trucks instead of 4. We had less misloads before we got the system that is supposed to create less misloads.
  20. 705red

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    How can you use progressive discipline on mis-sorts? This job is something that is not constant! Due to egress being blocked, packages falling off of belts, flow to heavy at times, others helping to load package cars, trailers etc. To many variables to set a standard.

    Original poster pm me your address and i will send you arbitration rulings from local 705 that say you can not be discipline for mis-sorts. There is no negotiated standard on disciplining this!