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    Hello all,

    I have an interview on tuesday for a seasonal driver position. What are some things I should expect? I've done a bit of lurking on here and found out that it's pretty rare to hired as a driver off of the street, but would UPS pull a sort of "bait and switch" by calling me in for a driver spot, then offering me a package handler spot? I'm 26 and currently a big-box retail supervisor looking for a change. Are the interview questions pretty standard stuff, or are there any curveball questions specific to the industry that I should know about?

    Thanks in advance for sharing any info you can =)
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    Be advised that we are in the Christmas free period between Oct 1st and Dec 31st. Anybody hired during this time is considered temporary. If you impress the management, they might call you back after Christmas.
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    During the interview be sure to tell them there is no greater honor in this world or the next than being in management for the company.
    That will impress them.
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    Had my interview today - It went as well I would have expected, but the HR guy basically laid it out that seasonal drivers don't get called back after peak and that the 1 in "6:1" 99.9% of the time goes to a supervisor/manager.

    I understand a promote from within policy, but it just sort of seems silly to spend all sorts of money putting someone up in a hotel for a week sending them to driver school, training them, to have them work for 8 weeks and then fire them. Why not just promote your package handlers to these seasonal spots (which pay $5/hr more), and then just hire seasonal handlers who probably cost a lot less to train? Seems that would work out better for the employees and the company.

    As much as I would love to drive a truck for UPS, If called back I probably won't be able to take the job. Thanks for having such a neat forum here though, great resource for people like me to get a feel for what to expect.
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    Just be honest and don't kiss :censored2:, thay can see thru all that bullsh--. If you get the job make sure to work your butt off so they will call you back when there is an opening. After peak they will need p/t help .
    Good luck
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    Maybe the 6:1 goes to a supervisor/manager but if there are no managers wanting the position... I think Part Time Supervisors would take the driver job in order to move up and have the experience under their belt.

    Why would UPS spend the money to train seasonal drivers? This is their biggest time of the year and all the money they spend is tax deductable cost of doing business.

    Why not promote the part time hourly package handlers? because that would take skilled workers away during peak season and have untrained new hires doing unfamilliar jobs.

    You could be a seasonal driver and get asked to stay on BUT in a part time position...
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    You Wrote: You could be a seasonal driver and get asked to stay on BUT in a part time position...
    Q: Would the PT position be in feeders or some other capacity? TIA
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    I did. My man-t**s didn't impress.