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    Local news will show a investigative report on how U.P.S hides accidents, and makes it difficult for local government agencies to investigate. This stems from an accident last peak when a driver had a roll away and his helper was seriously injured. Hopefully it reveals something.
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    Some linkage to the news site would be appreciated. As for hiding accidents, I always thought it seemed to be the other way around. They make a major deal out of minor stuff, terminate the driver, then it's in his hands to fight the process to get reinstated.
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    Ups has never covered anything up!!!!!!!!
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    Big surprise.
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    Link or it didn't happen.
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    UPS is self insured if there is not injury or damage to someone else property they basically write it off. . 3 year ago I totaled a P500 during a ice storm. I hit a tree in the middle of now where. Since there was no property damage other than to the package car the cop came and left once my Manger told him UPS is self insured. The cop handed me a accident report and my SUP told me to file it in the circular file end of story.
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    Can you post a link to this report?
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    We all remember that accident, sort of???
  9. Here it is......
  10. Sober,
    Couldn't find a link for it. .....It's on KIRO news tonight at 11:00.
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    Hope you were not hurt.
    Lap belt or three point seat belt?
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    I did the same thing in a p47. I never saw the cops though. Thank goodness it was a p47 even had an air bag. Although that air bag going off was just like a cartoon it went off about 5 seconds after the accident and by no means did it fill all the way. Wouldn't of helped me at all.
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    I read this even after the accident, UPS is trying to cover something up. What happened here is a flaw in the system. If your on a hill and unlock the ebrake then turn the keyless entry on you do NOT have working brakes until the car starts. Some may have experienced a slight roll when starting the van on a hill. Now thinking about it now he could have clearly pulled the ebrake again to slow down but im sure there was some panic going on.
  16. over9five

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    You could argue that the accident was the drivers fault. He accepted earplugs from a sup, and continued to drive the PC when there was an earsplitting alarm going off??? Earplugs, are you kidding me????

    He should have pulled over, secured the vehicle, and waited for repair or replacement. No brainer.
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    PS. The earplug sup should be fired.
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    What about the transmission being in park?
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    The hand brake should remain on until the vehicle is started. The hand brake should hold the vehicle until the power brakes kick in.
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    No not hurt got very lucky. Tt was an old 500 single wheels in the back with 700,000 + miles on it with a lap belt. It scared the :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: out of me I was first sliding sideways looking out the passenger side door at a tree saying to myself this is going to hurt and at the last second it swung back around and I hit the tree head on.