Is anyone following Wisconsin?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by hubrat, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Re: Is anyone following this?

    I'm following it with mild interest. I don't see this fairing too well for the unions and the dems that have gone into hiding.
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    Re: Is anyone following this?

    I am. But it is not just Wisconsin. Governors in Ohio, New Jersey and California are also attacking public service employees. States are short on $$, Washington isn't helping them and they are going after hard working middle class people. I wish I could be in Wisconsin with them. I am glad to see them out there standing up to the Republican governor. These governors are infected with that same ideology that killed good private sector jobs in this country: socalled "free trade" agreements like NAFTA. Look what reagan did to unions as soon as he got in in 1981. The Repubs took the Congress in 1994 and went after Ron Carey. Repubs took over Congress again in 2010: big tax cuts for the rich and support screwing unions and workiing class people!
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    following Wisconsin ??? They won the Super's over, right?

    Oh, like the ballsy Governor there!!
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    Re: Is anyone following this?

    I see we have a another FOX news watcher among us.

    Can we be clear on some facts for a change. The democrats are NOT in hiding. Its a simple parlimentary move. NO VOTE can be taken if there isnt at least one democrat in the state, so, all the democrats left the state for the day.

    Its that simple. Any distortion to the contrary is merely another right wing slant to make it appear differently.

    If you are a teamster, your support should be with the workers of this country who are being asked to bear the burden of the debt while the top 1% of wage earners get a tax break and laugh all the way to the bank while the actual people who make this country operate suffer the blow.

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    What I've heard is disturbing. Talking of bringing the public union pay "more in line with the private sector." Seems to me that they shoul be trying to bring the private sector "more in line with the [private] sector."

    On the flipside, there's something in me that says screw Wisconsin. You elected the Republicans, you get what you get.
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    Unfortunately I believe you are seeing just the tip of the iceberg. (note to self--- buy more guns & ammo)
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    Running from a crisis is never a good resolutiom. I know it's a ploy, but it reeks of cowardice to me. Run and hide.....and let the grown ups address the tough budget decisions.
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    If the Dems do show up the vote will be against the union and the union will sell its members out rather than lose dues. It will set a precedent for the private sector. I'm posting this link for the second time. I wish union leaders would read it. IMO it's a good proposal. IMO it's SIMPLY a proposal, which is more than anyone else is offering the people and the man.

    Btw The companies most heavily weighing two-tiered pay systems are in Wisconsin.
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    Re: Is anyone following this?

    Hear hear!

    These 14 Heroes must be taking an unbelievable amount of heat for the working people.
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    Gee, I wonder if the taxpayers will foot the bill for the Dem's stay at an Illinois hotel???
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    The kids in WI. already get snow days and now demonstration days...they'll be attending make-up days 'til late June at this rate. The teachers are paid to be in the classrooms now........:dissapointed:
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    This lady was an organizer for 20 years. She has a number of valuable articles at

    I have contacted the White House, Senator Kay Hagan, Teamsters Local 200 in WI, and my own local. What will you do?
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    "According to the just-released Bureau of Labor Statistics annual report for 2010, the overall union membership rate in America continued its slide, dropping from 12.3 percent to 11.9 percent. But perhaps most striking is the way unionization is skewed when comparing private sector workers, who are just 6.9 percent unionized, and public sector workers, 36.2 percent of whom belong to unions. The public sector, in other words, is labor’s last stronghold."
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    What the demonstrators are doing is illegal. By not being at their jobs.....state workers are striking which they can't do. If they want to demonstrate on their days off, that's different.
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    Obama needs to butt out....

    Walker fired back on Friday.
    "I think we're focused on balancing our budget. It would be wise for the president and others in Washington to focus on balancing their budget, which they're a long ways from doing,"
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    I have contacted the White House, Senator Kay Hagan, Teamsters Local 200 in WI, and my own local. What will you do?
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    I want to see what happens now, after all it's late Friday, how many public employees will show up to picket on the weekends ?
    And who corrects the misspelled signs ?
    Who will have to pick up all the trash left behind ?
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    Didn't Walker give away a lot of revenue to the big businesses in the form of tax credits, etc? On TV they say he gave away the equivalent of the Wisconsin deficit. Would be no deficit if he hadn't. I mean really, do they need to give one to Walmart? You know they are going to show up on your door anyway. I think Walker could have handled this a lot better with a little diplomacy than he did. I would hate to see the unions go away or weakened with this passage of his bill.

    If you want to point fingers at overpaid workers, let's look at the fire departments and their inflated salaries. 75% of their calls these days are medical. Pensions are off the charts.