is fed ex similar to ups?

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  1. newbie101

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    Im going to the observation next week at fedex for a package handler position. I was wondering if the positions is similar to ups like u can become a part time supervisor after a while being there from what i heard. i think ups is better than fedex wit the whole benefits and tuition package etc....does fedex do the same??? can u become a part time supervisor?? i am a college student also so if they had a tuiton package that would be great.... thanks i appreciate the answers
  2. quadro

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    As far as I know FedEx does not have part-time supervisors. They do have tuition refund. Not sure how it compares to UPS's.

    FedEx pays its part-time employees the same as full-timers doing the same job. I don't believe UPS does. UPS's overall benefit package is probably better than FedEx's but I believe you are eligible for benefits at FedEx before you are at UPS.

    Both companies have pros and cons. If you have a job offer at FedEx but not at UPS it doesn't really matter what the differences are as whatever UPS has isn't available to you at this time.
  3. starglacier

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    No they drivers get paid more than we do! which they do earn!
  4. Mr Fedex

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    Fedex is nothing like UPS at all.The workers there are all wannabe UPS employees who make minimum wage and come on here and complain about how they wish they worked at UPS lol.
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    Good least our PT handlers make more than 8.50/hr.
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    Do you even read what you type before posting it? Idiot.
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    How come you get to call people "idiots" and when I do it, the mods warn me? :wink2:
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    Any time i want to make a Fedex driver cry,I just show them my paycheck :)
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    No, FedEx delivers all their packages with airplanes and you have to be a pilot to work there!! UPS uses trucks and truck drivers. Not even close to the same!!!
  12. Mr Fedex

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    FedEx is a knockoff of UPS.
  13. MrFedEx

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    Exactly. The 2 companies are "nothing" alike. Never mind the fact that Fred Smith has copied nearly every UPS operational policy and procedure over the years.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Please tell me you are not a shop steward.
  15. MrFedEx

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    In many ways, he's actually correct. There is a lot of UPS in FedEx.
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    I'm thinking if we discourage him he may go away.
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    its the same job...but ups starts later---and finishes top pay is reached in fedex -----you cant reach top pay...ask anyone...a fedex driver must work about 10 yrs -yes 10 yrs to get to $20 an hour....are you kidding me!!!!!!! smart fill out the application tonight