Is it just me....?

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsidebrown, Mar 25, 2003.

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    Have you all noticed a different company the last 2 months? It sure seems as though this isn't your dad's UPS. More and more results, less and less resources (people,time,money). I don't know how much tighter the ship can run before the 'man-agement over board' signals.
    It kinda reminds me of the cartoon where the ship is full of holes and there is only 1 person trying to keep all of them plugged. Then again, it could just be me....
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    There is definately extreme penny pinching going on. Hopefully it is a phase. I did see some new forever bags, and that made me feel a lot better.
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    Its just you!

    Nah, there are changes going on, some not too soon and some not all that good IMNSHO. Any time you have a management staff that feels like they can never be fired, that their jobs are forever jobs regardless of what they do/dont do, that is not good. But that being said, most managers contribute to the welfare of the company, and not just in their own minds.

    Results are what makes money. Good intentions dont. Trying different things to improve results is great, stifling creative means to get there is not. Just because we have done things this way since 1907 is not a good reason to keep doing it that way. Value added service is where it is at, both for the customer and the company. And that is where each one of us can help. Like not busting up packages as you load them, leaving them in the rain, bad DR's, missing stops/service.
    I gotta git off the soap box, dont get me started;)

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    Although I've been away from the front lines for almost eight years (time flys when you're having fun), I still have contact with many UPSers, including drivers, full time sorters, and management. Their tales are the same I heard for 32 years. Not enough drivers, I work too hard, we need more sorters in the hub, the drivers are lazy, the company is doing everything wrong, etc.
    It's good to know that although UPS has changed, the people working there now are just as dedicated and hard working as ever. I remember having the same complaints myself back in 1963, but UPS has managed to prosper and grow because of the people's ability to adjust to changing times and conditions. As long as UPS continues to hire the quality of people they have, I feel confident in it's future growth and continued prosperity for all employees, hourly and management.
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    My worry is that the exec's in Atlanta running the show today are the same "hippies" from the 60's, who laid around all day smoking dope and whining about the lack of liberalism in the country.

    I think the company was in much better shape when the WWII vets were in charge. I think they had higher standards and better morale.

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    UPS being run by liberals? You have got to be kidding me!!

    We have one of the most consistent stocks on the market today. Cutting costs is how we got there. The people running this company making good business decisions every day is what keeps us moving in the right direction.
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    Sure why not?
    Liberal Capitalists... "Daddy's kid"

    And I didn't say ALL of them are.