Is it our fault?

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  1. MechanicForBrown

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    Hello everyone, I just have to comment on this one thing.
    I have been getting this notion that managers in my building have some anger torwards hourlys because they arn't getting any raises or promotions this year? I'm a mecahnic in North New England ( chelma ) and I asked my sup. when our split raise was going to show up in the paycheck and the look I got when I mentioned raise!! the fire burning in his eyes like it's my fault he can't move up the chain or get his raise this year.
    Has anyone experienced this or am i just a special case? Please tell me I'm not and It's hard to look the other way, you sordof feel guilty or sorry for them.:sad-very:
  2. gypsy mcgee

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    I have had several sups(part and full time) complain about their situation. I have also had many tell me they wish they stayed union. They made the choice to go into management, not us. I do feel for them a little because they are getting squeezed big time.
  3. trplnkl

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    I feel bad for management that are not getting a raise that (with our on cars) deserve.
    I too, have heard a little mumbling from sups not getting raises and such, but no one has even tried to use it against anyone in any way that I know of.
  4. softshoe

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    Why feel bad for any supervisor,they know without the union protection they can be dumped on at any time. Remember no one forced them to cross the line.
  5. Ms.PacMan

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    I don't get why they cut the stock bonus from 10% to 5%. It doesn't equate to real money at this point in time does it?
  6. backinbrown

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    They have family's and mortgages also
  7. superballs63

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    Yeah, but we're talking about them not getting raises, not like they're getting let go or anything drastic. I honestly would rather the company squeeze management raises than start laying off junior drivers (such as myself) I got a mortgage and family also.
  8. backinbrown

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    My point was to the question why should we care i gave my opinion and you said it yourself would not be good if it was you.

    i am just looking at it from any Americans point of view not just what would happen to me.

    not all sup's are jerks

    and they are doing both cutting raises and driver's so everyone loses.

    i am not being pro management

    just pro human being
  9. brownrodster

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    Several manages have told me this including one FT management.
  10. rod

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    I just look back at the times I had a complaint and was told basically- 'If you don't like it, McDonalds is hiring." You won't see me shedding any tears over their situation.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    As long as it was a unilateral move that everyone is not getting a raise, then why would they sulk. It would be a lot different if a few management employees got a raise but the others didn't.

    Bottom line - As much as it sucks , accept it and move on. If they are a good sup, i'm sure they've done that already.
  12. rocket man

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    your just getting that notion? WHAT rock were you under?
  13. brownmonster

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    Did they care when they took 5.8 seconds away a few years ago?
  14. BigBrownSanta

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    I hear ya BM.

  15. over9five

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    Hey MechanicForBrown, was that you who fixed my trailer light? Sorry to get you up on that ladder in the strong wind!!!

    Welcome to BrownCafe!
  16. backinbrown

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    I am not shedding any tears for management

    i was just making a point that was obviously lost
  17. Stran

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    You do know that upper management will more than compensate them at some point in the future when the economy turns around. Till then I've told my on road sups I'm buying lunch if your doing a ride with seemed like the least I could do!!
  18. feederdriver06

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    Yepp ........ I remember being fed the McDonalds line too. And I'm down with you:wink2:
  19. backinbrown

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    there still hiring
  20. mnnice

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    Super, what if UPS told you that you weren't getting your raise this year and maybe not next year. How would you react? It's not like your lossing your job or anything drastic like that, but maybe the squeeze should be felt from all hands instead of just the management.