Is it really true that once you quit UPS you can't go back?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Newguy123, May 26, 2012.

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    I thought that is what they told us when they hired us, but one guy clearly admitted during the group session that he had worked at UPS before for about 2 years, then quit (he was a clerk), yet they re-hired him anyway. :didimiss:
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  3. Newguy123

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    I'm afraid those don't answer my questions.
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    Sorry I am out of line.

    I have seen people get rehired, but it took a center manager and above approval in my world.
  5. Newguy123

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    Hmm...I asked because I KNOW I saw the guy working there the other day.
  6. brownIEman

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    It is possible to be re-hired. My understanding is that when someone leaves UPS their employee record remains in the system and a status of "rehire" or "no-rehire" is added to the record. HR asks the management that person worked for to give them the status. Generally, the default is no-rehire. For someone who has displayed a good work ethic and a good attitude, they would likely put a positive rehire status.

    There is a policy in the UPS policy book that we do not generally rehire people who have left. However, the policy book does also state that one exception to this rule is if someone leaves to pursue education. Just sayin.
  7. rod

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    I don't care if your package car was involved in a runaway accident and the Pope got killed--- if you are producing good numbers and the center manager likes you you will probably get rehired. Now if you are a screw-up, run an hour or 2 over everyday, aren't a brown noser and forgot to put the correct foot on the first step as you were chasing your runaway package car you are probably out of UPS for good. There is NO "carved in granite" rulebook at UPS.
  8. working up a sweat

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    Yes. You can be re-hired. I had to quit as PTer in 2001, because lost FT job. New FT job was 7 PM- 7 AM. I sat down with management and expressed that I would want to come back someday. I had an excellent attendance record and good work ethic with positive attitude. I was re-hired 8 years later. BrownIEman is correct about the re-hire status given by management. After re-hire, I was given the same employee ID that I had years before. Your name is forever in the UPS system.
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    Just like most of UPS's desicion making I think it all depends what kind of employee you were previous to apply for rehire. If you were trouble & a handful before, your probably not re-hire able by UPS standards.
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    The rule of thumb is: if you quit before 1 year of employment, you will get a negative re-hire status. If you are past your 1 year and have been a good employee and leave in good terms, you will most likely get a positive re-hire status, those are guidelines. Every situation will be reviewed by the management team. If you work for just 6 months but have to leave because of school or family reasons, you could get a positive re-hire, if management is cool with their employees, then they will bend that 1 year guideline.
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    depends on if your boss liked you when you left
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    Why does it matter????

    Obviously UPS does rehire some people.
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    why did you quit? thats a big factor . but if you ran over the pope i would 100 pct say no. the devil slave masters might give you a refrence . because you ran over the pope, but they would still say no
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    The real question is if you did quit why would you want to come back? Sounds like some sort of sick masochistic issue.
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    Nobody's ever left the firm.
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    As a John Grisham fan I love the reference.
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    You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.
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    I could pay off my tab
    Pour myself in a cab and be back to work before 2
    At a moment like this, I can't help but wonder
    What would Jimmy Buffett do?