Is there a 40hr guarantee when on the call board?

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    I'm a feeder driver in indy. Low on the seniority board so I'm on call. If I havent been called in a couple days, is there a guarantee for pay even if you dont work but were available and waiting for a call?
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    That is covered in the contract. It depends on how low you are on the list.
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    Grab a broom
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    Everyone wants something for nothing now
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    This is not unreasonable in some cases. Back before cell phones when i was on the on call list I was told to get a pager if I wanted to work. ( no problem for me ).
    I would call in the morning to see if there was any work. Then take a nap ( just in case called for graveyard ) and then call in afternoon.
    I usually worked Mondays and Fridays but after awhile got frustrated and after I called in the morning if there was no work I would take off for the day. Beach or something. If my pager beeped I would ignore if there was no way I could make it.
    The center manager called me into the office and tried to discipline me for not "being available". I argued with him that they were not paying me to hang around the house and phone. His face got blood red.
    I brought this up to our BA and he told the center manager if they would guarantee 8 hr pay for a certain amount of relief drivers then yes he could hold us accountable.
    Of course that never happened. But what they did do was qualify more feeder drivers so the relief board was larger.
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  6. Up In Smoke

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    I believe the language pertaining to full time layoffs is pretty clear. If you are not scheduled you are laid off and have the right to bump anyone with less seniority on any one or two shifts to obtain your guarantee. Be aware of the 10 hour rule between shifts to protect your DOT rights to drive.
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    Thank u for the replies. I already read the union book and it wasnt clear. To the person that says we all want someone for nothing, stfu. I merely asked a question that I wanted clarification on.And me sitting around all day waiting on call and taking naps for "just in case" is giving them my time; hence something. At my previous job at the railroad, we were guaranteed 8hrs per day that we were on call but not called.
  8. But you are working under the best contract ever..
  9. olroadbeech

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    as soon as i could bid a run I did. being on call sucked. hope you work something out.
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    maybe you should go back to the railroad
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    It depends on your local supplement contract. Here at HARPA all of our feeder drivers are full time. Even on the call board. So when there is no work for people on the call board they are offered the opportunity to work in the hub. And when they work in the hub they get paid full time hub rate instead of their progression driving rate.
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    Read your contract. I seriously doubt it sais anything about beeing on call. Your start times are posted either 1 or 2 weeks before. Dont ever answer the phone on days you are not scheduled to work. Go to your states unemployment web site and file. You will find you make more money the more you dont work, especially if you are in the meager progression wage. If you are scheduled to work show up every day. Tell management you are working. If they really try to send you home, get a witness and tell them you want your daily guarantee. Then file a grievance. This will stop them from sending you home and maybe over scheduling drivers. Its actually really simple.
  15. Upsidedownbrown

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    Im a feeder driver not package car. Feeders have on call, pick board, and route drivers. Thanks though
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    It's a tough situation for sure. Most new feeder drivers go thru the same thing. I know I did. Luckily, there was a bunch of people who went into feeders at the same time. I was only the bottom man for about an hour. After there was on call, there's coverage, which isn't a hell of a lot better. There are jobs that are really crappy and nobody wants to work them. First chance I got, I bid one of those jobs. It sucked for a while, but at least I had a start time and knew when I had to sleep, go out, etc. And it was a job that I wasn't likely to get bumped off of. Good luck.
  17. Knock off

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    Since the hours are so varied I agree there should be a daily stipend for being on call or at the ready. if your supplement doesn't contain this language it should be upgraded next contract let's get to work boys.