Isn't UPS just a criminal organization?

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  1. UPS runs its company without regard for honesty or ethics. Most of its managers and supervisors lie, cheat, harass, intimidate and fabricate. Some steal from the workers by altering timecards. They care little for safety. Decent UPS people reject any possibility of entering UPS management so they draw from their worst employees. What possible redeaming qualities could a company like this have? Is there any real future working here?
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    If you believe all you have written here, then your answer is a great big NO.
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    HAHAHA!!!! I love trolls. Although, he does bring up a couple good points.
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    They should put this on the ERI questionare...

    YES NO
    ( ) ( ) UPS runs its company without regard for honesty or ethics.
    ( ) ( ) Most of its managers and supervisors lie, cheat, harass, intimidate and fabricate.
    ( ) ( ) Some steal from the workers by altering timecards.
    ( ) ( ) They care little for safety.
    ( ) ( ) Decent UPS people reject any possibility of entering UPS management so they draw from their worst employees.
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    Ouch!--- but then again it's hard to disagree with alot of this:whiteflag: except the last 2 lines
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    You just described every other major corporation in the world:happy-very:

    Just be glad we HAVE a union.
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    King, it doesn't matter what you think. Every word of your post could be 100% correct.

    The problem with your argument is that UPS is a legitimate company that has been for over 100 years. UPS pays its taxes and dosen't break any laws. You make them sound like the Gambino family in its hey-day.

    This company is truly the 'American Dream' to its founders. UPS is no different than any mega-large company in corporate America. The faults you suggested exist in every large company in our great country.

    So I pose this challenge to you. If you think you can do better, start your own thing. Spend every waking hour making it work and don't waste one second coming to brown cafe bashing the company that provides you with a living. I don't mean to be harsh, but if you want to make your own business work, I truly believe you must devote every minute of your free time getting the business going. Can you do it?
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    A great deal of what King says is true some of the time..But we as employee's know better.We can do our part with honesty and integrity and be glad we didn't put our letter in when we were young UPSers...We can make an attempt on every pkg., go the extra mile for customers and only take an hour break.we can work with a clear conscience...For all the cheating that we see from mgt hiding pkgs, there is probably a ton that we don't ever see..
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    Bad you are right!!!!!! (to repeat what you said, so is King to some degree). I can't control what the company does or doesnt do. What I can control is what I do. At the end of the day, my honesty and integrity is all that matters. I take care of my customers (both recieving and shipping).
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    Dilligaf, I think most of us at UPS do this day in and day out. There are dishonest employees at all positions as we all know. I feel ridiculous writing this statement again because we have all read it over 1000 times.

    Are you suggesting the entire management commitee and the entire board of directors are criminal in nature? If that is what you meant, I would have to disagree with that.
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    You asked two questions.

    My answers follow,
    # 1
    I have redeemed my paycheck,for cash, since 1986.
    # 2
    Refer to answer of question #1

    I hope this clears up your quandary.
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    Brownie, No I did not mean to imply that all mgt, or for that matter all labor(us) is bad. I know (and I think most every one will agree) that there are good and bad in all walks of life.
    Generally speaking I was agreeing with King and Bad. Some of UPS's tactics are unethical. I have been lied to by 'some' of my mgt team. I have been harrassed by 'some' of my mgt team. I have had my timecard altered. There are days when I hate the way this company operates,ethically speaking (this past week especially), BUT I love my job and I won't quit.

    I do my best to keep my mgt team towing the line and there are days when that is not an easy task. Then I talk to Danny and he reminds me of what there is to gain from my job. 33 years to say the least, and I can never attain that.

    Do not feel ridiculous in saying something that has been said a 1000 times. Maybe someone missed it the first 999.
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    Some of UPS upper management, now that's a different story all together. The official company policy is one of integrity, a characteristic many of the higher up people lack, hourly employees too.
    To lump ALL management into the category as unethical is just as wrong as saying all Priests are pedophiles. IT just aint so, Joe.
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    And isn't that the sad part.

    While I wouldn't go so far as to say that these corporations are "criminal", a lot of what goes on is surely unethical. Not to mention downright cruel when it comes to how they treat their employees. Greed tends to bring out the worst in people.

    Treating your employees like dirt with the tagline "If you don't like it, there's the door" is the mindset that started the union movement to begin with. In time I think things will come to a head. I just don't know who the real winners will be. Probably "none of the above".
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    Greed is what made this country great.
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    And it could certainly be it's downfall. You can be greedy and be fair at the same time. There has to be a balance, how much is enough? I just thank god that the economy moves in a cyclical fashion and I hope it's on an upswing 20 years and 5 months from now.
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    One must be totally honest with themselves and if I were that unhappy about my employer, I would move on for I believe that I too am a part of the whole company and what they do reflects upon me. I try to focus on all the good parts and people and try to help those that stumble if they choose to listen. I have worked at 3 different trucking jobs and ny nilitary career and the faces and names change, but the problems don`t. Be a agent for positive change and we all benefit.
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    '' GREED IS GOOD"" wall street what was his name, Gordan Gecco ?????
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    Shouldn't you be making a suicide run into Persia with the other trolls! Go back into the history pages where you belong!
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    SSHHHhhh King. If you let out that company secret, we will have to fit you for those cement shoes. And we dont want that now, do we?

    Ok Folks, nothing here to see, nothing at all, just go about your regular programing.