It costs Ups less for Partn timers than to maintain slaves

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by saintteamo, Sep 14, 2002.

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    I know who Sainteamo is.......Jimmy Hoffa Sr. on medication!
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    lcarroll: I'm not trying to take sides, but in my part of the world the Help Wanted sign has not come down for almost two years. I have a better chance of working preload and reload then driving. And what does come in doesn't last long.

    On reload only half of the trailer are "allowed" fans to help with the heat. Unloading is but reloading the trailers are not "doing" the right numbers to be given this "luxury ".

    So what's up with this way of crunching numbers, let's make the work place an even undesirable and more people will come??? Or are they looking at it as the "type" of people who are empolyeed on these shifts are disposible and not worth the extra money??

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    How did you afford a new Mazda in "84" on slave wages???
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    The "saint" person has a point. It is getting harder to find people, I mean good people to work these shifts. Some of the hours are crazy. Yes, you do have "lifer" part timers who have a business on the side and part time suits them fine because of the health benefit equation. 2 years ago they let relatives work as driver helpers for the first time during peak. Now your brother, sister etc. can work for the company. It used to be against "company law" to have a relative working. This tells me something. One is they have "run out" of options so to speak. All these years and they Co. got a bad rap. Instead of 20 or 30 coming in to apply for a job. Maybe you get 2 to 10 people. This is pure speculation on my part. The part time sups are now workers with ties getting less respect from full time sups. Oh, by the way tieguy you are such a company lackey you make me want to vomit
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    Since you can't respond to any specifics of mine that you disagree with , vomiting is probably your best option.
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    mrbrown: the reason for the change in company policy has to do with workforce availability.

    Think about the baby-boomers and the fact that there are fewer kids out there to choose from. Instead of couples having three kids, like our parents did, most couples have opted for only one or two kids, if any at all.

    The working population in that age group has dimished greatly over the last 20 years.
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    mrbrown: when you say it's getting harder to find good people to work the shifts at UPS, do you think this is unique to UPS? Have you been in a department store lately? Are there salespeople when you are looking for help? And how about the cashiers? They are completely unable to figure change out in their heads. If the cash register didn't tell them the exact change they'd be totally lost. Try to give them change to even out your dollars after they have keyed in the amount and they panic.
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    gray fox, I was hired in 1979 ,so i made thefull and fair rate,which permitted such. now with the rippoff wage reductions and multi tier etc expoitation rates forv the same work one could not afford the same.
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    Which of course you do not in any way blame your union negotiating team for. You also fail to recognize that their are part time employers that pay or offer a lot less in beni's. Therefore your only beef is with UPS just because.