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    Who would have thought DJ could qualify in the top 20, his 16th is the best in this short year.
  2. Don't get too excited, I've had too many disappointments thinking he'll make a difference.
  3. 8Years2Go

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    Starting position and finishing position are two seperate things. He'll be in the back as usual. Sad thing is that this is coming from an Ex-NASCAR fan. And from what I've seen, there are a lot of us.
  4. rod

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    NASCAR has went down the toilet hasn't it
  5. UPS Lifer

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    NASCAR ain't the same since that let all them foreigners start racing. Anyone that races open wheel should be banned from driving NASCAR unless they were born in one of the Southern states!
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    You "old school guys" got it wrong, for starters:

    First, overexposure; you can't go anywhere on TV without finding something NASCAR-related, or finding some NASCAR/Busch/Truck-type race being televised. I just think the TV audience is drowning in NASCAR coverage, and are saying enough is enough.

    Second, I think audiences have finally discovered that the "stock" in stock car racing is nothing more than a myth. Unlike 30, 40 or 50 years ago, when the "SC" in NASCAR truly meant "stock car," today's NASCAR racers are so far removed from what you can buy in a showroom that many fans no longer can relate to the cars being raced. I don't know about you, but when I see race cars that use decals for headlights and a grille, so that from a distance they look sorta look like their street counterparts, I just cringe.

    Third, while many claim that oval racing is exciting, there are just as many who claim it's boring as hell. I admit, I sometimes ask my honey to "wake me up with 20 laps to go". Now our younger generation is more hip-hop into "fast and furious imports" and "drifting". Thats a hugh market piece missing from the puzzle. The video age generation grew up with awesome video racing games, unfortunately many games were imported or had the options of multiple road courses not just ovals.

    Fourth, politics—or perhaps better stated, political affiliations. I suspect many Americans feel that NASCAR is a very southern and very conservative organization, with strongly Republican falsely patented leanings and proclaimed gestures, and as such, are supported by like-minded fans. They view NASCAR and their fans as being George Bush supporters—and will reject anything that smacks of the president and his party.

    Fifth, I think NASCAR is often associated with a certain group of people, okay... "Redneck Nation," and many Americans just don't identify with them and the old school guys are losing their mojo. Call it classism, if you will, but it exists and it's a powerful motivator. Hence increase in drivers from around the country and now around the world for a try for an expanded audience.
  7. Cementups

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    Hopefullythisis sarcasm of some sort but I don't think this kind of racism and bigotry is appreciated. I don't get offended much but this is truely just an ignorant comment.
  8. rod

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    Sixth, How can anyone call it racing when your allowed to finish a race under a yellow flag. There's something about watching a 4 hour race and then have them coast to the finnish line following one another twittiling ther thumbs that takes all the fun out of it.

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    I thought they eliminated finishing under yellow?
    Nascar's tv and physical attendance peaked in the 2005 season. It's on it's way down. Very slowly though. I've made many risky posts on here talking about this exactly but I guess I am not alone by reading some of the above posts. Convenient time for Champcar and the IRL to unite. I think in 10 years, open wheel will be bigger than Nascar like it used to be if they do things right. Foreign drivers and foreign engines will help speed Nascar's reversal in growth. Foreign drivers/equipment are more accepted in open wheel. Look for Toyota to win muliple races in Sprint this year. Starting with Sunday.
  10. UPS Lifer

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    Oh ...You got to be kidding me.... You must not have any sense of humor.....or apparently you have no clue where NASCAR got it's start.

    This type of mentality is exactly why this country is in trouble. Everyone thinks they have to tip toe around anything that can be misconstrued as racism. Get a life!!!

    I AM NOT A RACIST AND I TAKE MAJOR EXCEPTION to your ignorant comment!

    I am not a fan of cross over (open wheel) drivers coming into the sport. Sorry if you can't grasp that concept.
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    Im with the crowd that says it was not a racist comment.
    Actually it took me a moment to get to the point where anyone could see it that way.
    It started with moonshiners, in the south.
    It is not racist to say Nascar is not the same with the new rules and the foreign drivers.
    I dont watch it like I used to, Im from the run what you brung school. But now it is "everyone has to be the same"
  12. Cementups

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    So if NASCAR belongs in the south I guess that means more than half of the NASCAR drivers would not be there anymore. A very large percentage of NASCAR drivers now are from either the west coast or middle america as well as Columbians and Scotsman, etc.. America is a melting pot so why can't NASCAR be one as well. Jeff Gordon and Jimie Johnson can't claim too be the best in the world if they don't actually compete against drivers from aroudn the world.

    I guess along with foreigners not being allowed in NASCAR American dirvers driver should not be allowed in International race series such as F1. Maybe Scott Speed shoud have stayed in the US and raced in NASCAR instead of exploring other broader oppotunities. dan Gurney should have done the same as well.

    just build a wall around the good ole' USofA and never let anyone in!

  13. rod

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    They now do a 1 (one) time effort and do a green, white, checker but if the boys screw that up, and they usually do, they finnish it under yellow.
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    I would love to know if it is even feasible/cost effective for UPS to have a race car???? It can't possibly be for advertisement because who in America has never heard of UPS, and also, it's not like Jarrett is in the front of the pack every week for people to even see the car..
  15. rod

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    I do believe UPS has gotten some bang for their buck when it comes to being a NASCAR sponcer. Much more than they did when the were an Olympics sponcer. That was a waste of $
  16. govols019

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    Thats may not be racist but it's defiantly xenophobic.

    I race dirt track and we have a couple of people that are foreigners and a few women that race. Once the helmets go on they are just another car I want to be in front of. Race, nationality, nor gender makes a difference. I view NASCAR the same way. I want to see a good race and what they look like or where they were born is irrelevant.

    In my opinion, what is killing NASCAR is the powers that be slowly turning it into the IROC series. Common templates and parity my butt. I want to see the manufacturers doing whatever it takes to be successful. I miss the days when a Chevy fan could complain that the Fords had an aero advantage or vis-versa.
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  18. UPS Lifer

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    Wow! I didn't think the word foreigner or southern would stir such emotion out there! I am sure that most of the NASCAR circuit drivers feel the way you do. I can't put my finger on it but the drivers that are crossing over from F1 etc. have a different style of racing that I just don't like. I think I will have a better answer to this when this season is close to finishing. I am a DE Jr fan. I like his style of racing. Maybe I am wrong but I think of him as a gentleman and a person who respects his fellow racer.

    NASCAR is big business now. This is what is ruining the pureness of the sport. They really need to go back to the stock car origin of racing.

    I am so tired of hearing each driver go through their list of sponsors every time they get a mike or camera in front of their face.
  19. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I guess that's where we disagree because Montoya's racing style is what I like to see. Damn the torpedoes, balls to the wall, take no prisoners style. He's there to win, not to make friends. That's what I like to see because it reflects my own personality when racing.

    I'm a Junior fan too but that comes mostly from how he acts off the track. He reacts to things the way I wish I could.
  20. Cementups

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    I too appreciate the aggresiveness in drivers such as Montoya and Robby Gordon. these guys are out to win races so why not TRY to win races.

    I just don't understand the closemindedness of some fans. I run into the same thing and that's within my own extended family. I am a road racer myself on occassion. My in-laws on the otherhand are 4th generation dirt track racers. I love asphalt and am not really welcomed in their dirt-track world. I favor having all 4 wheels in full contact with the track and they prefer sliding sideways around every corner. Even when I expressed an interest in wanting to give dirt a shot I got the old, whatever you're a road guyu you wouldn't get it. I'm a racer and would give anything for the opportunity to show it. Instead they would would rather have my sister-in-law go out every weekend and either wreck or blowup EVERY WEEK.

    I am an outsider!