I've got an interview for a supervisor position coming up soon. I've got a few questions.

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    So I was recently called from a supervisor at my hub offering me a job interview as a part-time security supervisor.

    Is there anyone out there with any prior experience with the position that can tell me a couple of things about The day to day routine of the position? Also, what do you think the odds of me actually getting the job are? I've asked a few supervisors around the hub about it and they said if i've got an interview and passed the supervisor test already then the odds of me getting it are pretty high. Any thoughts or feedback about it will be helpful. Thanks.
  2. In our hub you get to work 30 minutes before the start of the sort, talk about staffing and then you'll have the lobby for an extra body because you will be understaffed. You then go to your podium, assign your employees to their loads, wait 30 minutes until the belt is trashed, load and throw up irregs for three hours then report your the employee times to the full time sup in charge. Oh and if you have an interview you got the job.
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    Is that the general day to day of a part-time security supervisor? lifting and loading irregs..? The guy i talked to on the phone didn't say much at all about heavy lifting with this position. But i'll listen to experience.

    If that's the case i'm better off staying where i'm at lol.
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    Clearly cincy did not bother to read your post before responding.
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    The job entails supervising the security staff. You will learn to speak very slowly, repeating yourself quite often, limiting your vocabulary to simple words.
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    Supervisor position at UPS is fairly easy to obtain, because those in the know realize it's likely a dead end. The up front money is good, then if your're extremely extremely extremely patient and have a thick skin you'll enjoy 14 hour days with no sleep, along with a shortened lifespan from all the stress you'll have...with no time to ever enjoy the money you've accumulated other than burning it all at high stakes poker
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    Sounds like something i won't have much a problem with Thank you!

    14 hour days huh? So does the whole 'part time' aspect of the job go out the window once you actually have it? I have plans on working a second job on top of this. Do they not let you leave after you gather your minimum?
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    14 hours is full time which takes a long while to achieve as a supervisor
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    No real plans nor' hopes on going full time. I just want to know with this particular position will i be asked to stay later often. I'll be working nights if i get this job after all.
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    You get to do a cavity search of all the sweaty part timers on there way out after the shift
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