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    This is from 2009...who are you? interesting read...especially the part about many ups workers not wanting to be in a union.

    Re: Discuss: UPS Employees Say They Were Forced to Lobby Against Fed Ex

    OldTimer is either a manager or has allowed himself to be blinded by the garbage spewed from the managers.
    Originally Posted by 639OldTimer
    They have enjoyed an unfair advantage over UPS since they aqquired RPS back in the 80's.

    Actually, it was in October 1997
    Originally Posted by 639OldTimer
    Simply put, Fed-Ex is not an airline but operate an air freight operation much like UPS.

    Actually, the freight and ground packages never go through any of FedEx Air's hands. FedEx Ground AKA RPS operates as a separate company. One has nothing to do with the other. Unlike UPS, where drivers deliver both Air and Ground packages.
    Originally Posted by 639OldTimer
    What the Post also fails to mention is that there are thousands of Fed-Ex employees who are eager and willing to sign on as Union members to ensure a bettter life for themselves and their families.

    And there are thousands of UPS employees who would prefer to not be in the Union.

    Unions are there for one reason and ONE reason ONLY....to make money. There was a time when unions were a necessity, to protect the workers. But, not anymore. If there is a labor issue in a non-union shop, employees these days are very quick to file lawsuits.

    FedEx is a financially model company throughout the world. Can you name ONE other company that has been in business for 38 years and has NEVER laid off a single employee? Even in this economy, everyone from manager up to CEO has taken a pay cut to save money rather than lay off hourlys (hourlys pay wasn't touched). UPS's solution, lay off employees so the managers and above can keep there pay and bonuses.

    If a competing company comes to you and says you should do this or you should do that, it'll be a good thing for you. Would you believe them? Isn't a competitors job to put you out of business? UPS pushing Congress and the Senate to change FedEx's classification from RLA to NLRA, not to help FedEx employees, but to try and make more money for the Union and hopefully put FedEx out of business.

    Last, but most likely not least. It is ILLEGAL for anyone to pay anyone else to write their congressman/woman. Should this be found to be true, expect some big fines, not to mention the publicity nightmare it will cause.

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    Very interesting, and a good catch. What he says seems to be at odds with the truth, doesn't it?
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    It seems that your 2009 responses put you in a Fedex mgmt shill position. Union buster, etc. Looking at the 4 years since, it is interesting to see the direction of the company and ....our ground affiliate ...RPS... . Who are you...I'm guessing, overlooking the grammatical errors, Fedex mngmt plant used to shed positive light on what on the inside is obvious negative.
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    Another Jackal, or have you been ferreted out?
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    Those quotes you posted are not mine. I did have another screen name (LTFedExer), but forgot the password and couldn't reset it so I went back to this one, which is the 1st I used here.

    I have always said, and you can quote this.....'While I don't always agree with everything the company does, it's their right to run it the way they seem fit'. You may not agree with me, you may not like it...but that's my opinion and I'll stand by it.
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    UM yeah right..

    Re: Pathetic Purple FPP Payout
    Originally Posted by MrFedEx
    WOW!! I think you've found a soulmate in "The Jackal". Great minds certainly think alike, don't they? My arguments are the same because the problems are the same, and the same "new" types of non-thinkers (like Jackal) keep coming onto this site and spreading their manure. His logic is almost as flawed as yours, and that's not a compliment.

    I'll repeat myself. As long as I'm with FedEx, I'll continue to fight against the feeble-minded who think it's such a great company and that Mr Smith isn't taking full advantage of employees at every opportunity. Got it?

    My exit strategy is in-place and I will leave FedEx as soon as I can execute my plan. Like Ricochet1, I've got better things to do with my mind than waste it on FedEx. Hey, FEATW!! Maybe when I leave, YOU can take my place. Fred is always looking for ultra-sharp (sharp as a basketball, that is) employees who do exactly what management wants each and every time without question...kind of like that puppy dog in the window at the pet store. Unquestioning obedience and love at all times.

    I'm not here to make friends, nor am I a 'plant' like you mentioned in the other thread. You never answered my question.....'If you dislike FedEX SO much, why have you been with the company as long as you have?' I'm not saying you should retire today, but you could have left years ago. Also, what other companies have you worked for and why did you leave? Did you dislike those/that company as much as FedEx? You'll probably just avoid the questions, so I won't hold my breath for an answer.

    As for my 'flawed logic' and manure, please elaborate...what did I say that was wrong? All I did was state MY opinion, just as you do. I know working for FedEx has gotten me a car, home and put money in the bank. Tell me how this is a bad thing.....

    All you do is keep saying the same thing over and over while avoiding any questions posed to you. So, should you choose not to answer, I won't be the one feeding your one track mind. Good luck in retirement......even though it's probably another 10 years away.​
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    Danno's are crawling out of the wood work... I do love this place. It makes me smile, and I can't wait to see what is on here when I get home at 20:30 most nights...lol :happy-very: