Jackson Verdict

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. moreluck

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    Michael's probably having a sleep-over tonight to celebrate!!
  2. hope he invites his lawyer.
  3. moreluck

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    At this rate, Saddam will get probation...
  4. switchoff

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    It's the same jury that found O.J. innocent.
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    I'm sure Johnny Cochran is hoisting one tonight with Elvis, Jim Morrison, Tu-Pac, Jimi and Biggie !!! LOOK OUT !!
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    What if your neighbor admitted to sharing his bed with young boys?

    But if he's Micheal Jackson, it's alright...

    What the Hell is wrong with the world? Humanity is really in a huge downward spiral. Men sleeping with boys. Men legally marrying men, and women legally marrying women. WTF!!! Has to be the beginning of the end of days. God help us all.
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    What about the parents. They should be held accountable. I guess jackson's help was more important to them than their kid's welfare.
  8. moreluck

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    How does this nation even let a group such as N.A.M.B.L.A exist? The ACLU has certainly messed up my world!
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    Once again we see that $$$$$$$$ = no jail time!!!
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    GOD will take care of it in due time.
  11. upsdude

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    In my advanced years Ive learned that GOD is a much better judge of people than I, he also knows the truth.

    I will say this however, any man that doesnt see a problem sleeping with little boys needs help beyond anything available here on earth.
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    All I have to say is it has become a scary world we are living in. Murderers get off on technicalities, and child molesters go free. Drunk drivers get a big yellow plate to identify them and molesters sneak back into our neighborhoods, basically undetectable. Justice doesnt seem to be Just.
  13. I agree it is frustrating they get off on reasonable doubt, or the law enforcement have not followed the rules, Maybe the lawmakers should give more lattitude to Law enforcement officers to enable them to do what tax payers pay out big buck for, to put the bad guy out of circulation, so our children can be safe at play or school. Why can`t the lawmakers go by the cardinal rule of Keep It Simple Stupid. It`s the same BS on this side of the border as on your side.
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    <font color="0000ff">Why can't the lawmakers go by the cardinal rule of Keep It Simple Stupid</font>

    Quebec driver

    It would be ideal if real life worked that way, but the reality is that it's never that simple when matters go into the courtroom. The court of public opinion doesn't determine guilt or innocence in any case and for good reason. The general public often doesn't immerse themselves in the actual facts but only looks at headlines in the paper or a few sound bites on T.V. Almost every comment I've read from the actual jury members from this case stated that the evidence just wasn't there to convict.

    And after having seen the accuser's mother up close the jurors had ample reason to be skeptical. Trying to sway a jury with emotional testimony is a risky tactic for a prosecution to employ when there isn't much in the way of hard evidence and the mother's own lack of credibility ended up becoming an issue because of her terrible performance on the stand. If I was living out there, I think I'd find the prosecution guilty of wasting taxpayer money on on a case brought by what looks like a scam artist pimping out her kid in an effort to hit the jackpot.

    Like "Wacko Jacko" or hate him, the jury made the right call.
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    ezrider hit the nail on the head. While one may think that Jackson is/was guilty, he and his legal team pick their battles. Why do you think he settled out of court with his last accuser several years ago?

    His lawyers decided that this was a battle Jackson could easily win. Shame on the D.A. for taking a weak case to court.
  16. you are both right, but I am fed up with seeing scum get off because of poor preparation by law enforcement, in quebec we have at least four cases where pedophiles get less than 5 years of jail time(one actually pleaded guilty to having sex with an 11 year old). My daughter is 11 and I`d like to take the "perp" out back to give him a lesson. I guess I`m getting hard in my old age...
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    Yeah they are definitely scum. Pedophiles are the lowest in my book. If there's one thing I don't like about the internet, it seems to have offered too easy of opportunity for born losers to prey on children. I read that Canada is finally changing it's attitude towards not allowing extradition of some of the worst criminals that fled north of the border from the states. It seems somebody up there might have finally figured out that if they allow predators to escape extradition back here, that it just encourages more of them to go there.

    Not a moment to soon. What on earth took them so long? [​IMG]

    As for Jackson, he's definitely guilty of repeatedly poor judgement and he continually justs asks for trouble with his disturbing behavior. One has to wonder how shaky of a hold on reality he has to actually not show up for court one day when the price to pay could have been jail. Somebody in his camp should have told him that venue was not the time for theatrics. If there's one silver lining, it may be that he likely is near broke and without his amusement park house enticement and funds to pay hush money to the hired help, his ill-concieved fantasies may just come to an end.

    Heck he looks like such a fragile, brittle twig I'd have to think a kid could probably beat him up easily if he tried anything on them without his safety net.
  18. Any word on if there's going to be a civil suit? If there is, he could still lose that and have to pay the family $$
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    Wrong :))

    Oh brother. Get over it snowflake.
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    Nothing like a 15 year old Michael Jackson thread to get things going on BC.
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