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    Hi I work part time with hopes of becoming a driver one day. I work in maryland and there is a good chance i will be moving to new york one day and i was just wondering if its possible to transfer there??
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    there is nothing i can do? i really need this job but i dont wanna quit...
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    they may assist you in getting a position at a new location but you will lose all of your seniority. You would start over at the new building at day 1. I would check with your HR dept to see if there is anything they can do for you. It never hurts to ask.
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    No transfer"s. Good luck.
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    This must be an east coast thing - no transfers. Here, we can put our names on a transfer list every Jan. The odds of a transfer are slim but it does happen.
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    If you are willing to wait 11 years you can have my job.
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    That list is only for drivers...

    You will have to quit and be rehired in the new location. You need to set it all up before it happens. Talk to HR.
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    Since you are a current UPSer I suggest searching this topic on The old way was no transfers, then it became transfers under hardship; the most commonly abused form of transfer was educational transfer.

    There are different transfer procedures for UNION and NON-UNION employees. Please be sure to read up on them at

    Part-time Union Educational Transfer Request Process

    Overview of the part-time union educational transfer request procedures, FAQs and the transfer form.

    Pursuant to Article 22, Section 6 of the National Master Agreement between UPS and the Teamsters, part-time union employees may request to transfer to another UPS business location for purposes of furthering their education. In order to ensure consistent processing of such requests, the Company has developed the Educational Transfer Request Form (see Related Files), which must be completed by all part-time union employees seeking a transfer under Article 22, Section 6.
    On this page you will find:

    Overview of Educational Transfer Procedure

    Step 1 – Obtain Completed Form from Employee: Because Article 22, Section 6 requires that employees submit a written request for educational transfers, all employees requesting such a transfer must complete and sign the Request Form (see Related Files). The District Workforce Planning (“WFP”) Manager in the requesting employee’s current district (the “Origin District”) is responsible for obtaining the signed Request Form and confirming that it is filled out completely. This procedure can be located quickly by using the search keyword: ptueet.”
    Step 2 – Determine Eligibility for Transfer: After obtaining the signed/completed Request Form from the employee, the WFP Manager in the Origin District must confirm that the employee meets the minimum eligibility requirements for a transfer. These requirements are set forth in Article 22, Section 6 of the National Master Agreement and also appear on the Request Form itself.
    Step 3 – Obtain Necessary Authorizations in Origin District: If the employee meets the minimum eligibility requirements for an educational transfer, then the WFP Manager in the Origin District should obtain the necessary approvals and signatures of the Labor Manager in the Origin District as well as the employee’s current Business Manager. After obtaining those signatures, the WFP Manager in the Origin District should sign the Request Form and continue processing the request.
    Step 4 – Identification of Available Positions in Destination District: After all necessary approvals and signatures have been obtained, the WFP Manager in the Origin District should contact the WFP Manager in the District where the employee seeks to transfer to (the “Destination District”) to determine whether there are any current job openings. Although employees do not have a right to any particular job in any particular building, attempts should be made to identify positions in the Destination District that (1) are the same or substantially similar to the employee’s current position in the Origin District; (2) involve hours of work that are consistent with the stated educational objectives; and (3) are located within a reasonable commuting distance of the educational institution that the employee will be attending post-transfer.
    Step 5 – Select Position to be Offered: After identifying potential available positions, the WFP Managers in the Origin and Destination District should confer and select the identified position that best suits UPS’s current operational and business needs.
    Step 6 – Notify Employee: Once an appropriate position in the Destination District has been identified, the WFP Manager in the Origin District should notify the requesting employee about the outcome of the transfer request and provide the employee with the name and contact information for the WFP Manager in the Destination District. The employee should then contact the WFP Manager in the Destination District to work out the final details, including position, job location, hours of work and start date.
    Step 7 – Retention of Paperwork: The original Request Form should be sent to the WFP Manager in the Destination District and then placed in the employee’s center file. A copy of the Request Form should be retained by the WFP Manager in the Origin District and additional copies of the Request Form should be sent to the Region WFP Manager(s) responsible for the Origin and Destination Districts.
    [back to top]

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    1. Does an employee need to provide proof of enrollment in order to be deemed eligible for transfer?
    Answer: Yes.
    2. Is the employee required to demonstrate that he/she cannot obtain a similar education within the Origin District?
    Answer: No.
    3. If the employee who is seeking the educational transfer is currently on some form of disciplinary action in the Origin District, should approval be denied by the Business Manager or Labor Manager?
    Answer: This will be looked at on a case-by-case basis. Employees who are currently working under Article 7 pending the outcome of a termination grievance are not eligible.
    4. Can employees request an educational transfer to another UPS facility within the same District?
    Answer: Yes. This will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.
    5. Are transfers limited to colleges and universities or may employees also request transfers for institutions that provide vocational or other technical training?
    Answer: These educational transfers are intended for accredited colleges and universities offering two- or four-year degree programs. All others will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    6. If more than one employee seeks to transfer to the same Destination District and only one position is available, who gets the position?
    Answer: The employee who requests the transfer first should be given preference. The date of the request is determined by the date that the employee signs the Request Form. If the Request Forms were signed on the same day, then the employee with greater Company seniority should receive the position.
    7. If there are multiple vacant positions in the Destination District, who gets to decide what position the employee receives?
    Answer: Employees do not have a contractual right to any particular position in the Destination District. Accordingly, if there are multiple positions in the Destination District that are suitable in terms of position, hours of work and location, then UPS should choose the position that best fits the Company’s current operational needs.
    8. If the initial search in the Destination District does not identify any currently available positions, how long should the transfer request remain open?
    Answer: Transfer requests should remain open for a period of six (6) months.
    9. If after six (6) months, no suitable position has been identified in the Destination District, what happens to the request?
    Answer: The request should be closed and the employee should be notified of the outcome of the search.
    10. Is there a limit on the number of times that an employee can request an educational transfer?
    Answer: No.
    11. Is UPS obligated to pay any of the employee’s moving or relocation costs?
    Answer: No. Because Article 22, Section 6 transfers are initiated by part-time employees for their own personal benefit, all expenses relating to the transfer/relocation are the sole responsibility of the employee.
    12. If UPS discovers that an employee who has been transferred to a new location never actually enrolls in the educational program that formed the basis of the transfer request, can UPS discipline the employee for dishonesty?
    Answer: Yes, however, the management team should carefully consider the reason(s) given by the employee for non-enrollment. Corporate Labor should be consulted before terminating an employee for this reason.

    Keyword: ptueet
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    Oh, thanks Rodster. I am glad I come in here. I learn something new all the time. :happy-very:
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    InTheRed, a link to the site would have been just as if not more effective than posting all of that information IMO.
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    No transfers accept for education and I hear those are hard to get.
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    I should apply for a school over seas so I can live there.
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    except the link would have tried to take you to, if you aren't registered the link would not work.
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    First of all, why? Second...where ?
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    I hate to admit this but you are right--I didn't think of that.
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    from my understanding... if your spouse relocates because of her job, you are allowed to transfer to another UPS facility
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    It was also my understanding when I was hired that I would be treated with respect---I guess we were both misled.
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    ... more like, UPS will consider and in most cases, it's a resign and rehire.
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    I have been trying find out if I can transfer to a ups hub in china. The reason I am getting married a wonderful lady there and well she owns a store so I am wanting to join her there I know that the move alone has a whole lot of paper work, I have been with ups 5 years. Does any one know if I can get the transfer... My hr reps do not like so I am trying to avoid going in there and asking them. Any help would be welcomed.
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