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    I watched a special last night on MSNBC about the Jim Jones, Guyana thing of the late 70's.

    It's been a while since this all happened and I'd forgotten so much. It was a very interesting account. People who had survived were telling their stories. If it is shown again, be sure to catch it.
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    Wow, i didn't know Jones' first name was Jim and that he even had a town named after him :wink2:!

    Seriously, I will watch it if I see it on. I have always been fascinated and horrified by cults. I think the tragedy that happened in Guyana is where we get the "drink the Kool-Aid" phrase affixed to people when they subscribe to a belief irrationally. Or was that those weirdos who killed themselves in order to go on a spaceship?
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    It was Jonestown....918 drank the cyanide-laced kool-aid:dissapointed:
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    Many of my friends with the 44th med brigade out of fort bragg had the responsibility of being flown in to clean up the mess. I remember them telling me that they wore gas masks when collecting the bodies and still could not escape the stench of those bodies in the tropical heat. That was one deployment I was glad I missed.
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    Let's try this again.

    Tieguy, on January 2 , 2006 you claimed to have taken part in the Jonestown cleanup.


    Actually had the chance to help clean up a kool aid party that went awry many years ago. JJ was the kind of leader that could get people to believe that kool aid was good for them. GW is not.

    My question for you is, were you misrepresenting the truth then or now?
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    Maybe we can get Bill Clinton to explain the difference between the two posts - depends on what the definition of "is" is.
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    Either way, he seems to be less than honest no matter how you parse it.
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    that is a surprise from someone with a screen name tieguy
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    In those days I was medical support for those who had the nasty job of directly cleaning up the mess. We don't send one unit of grave registration types in to collect the bodies. Much of our brigade was mobilized. Along with factions of first corps support command and some of the 82nd providing security. I even saw a few green beenies running around though I'm not sure what they were doing there possibly gathering intelligence not sure. There are a lot of logistics involved with such a clean up (900 + bodies). There were also security concerns heightened by the fact that a congressman had been killed and concern that some of the crazys were still running loose. Support included he 57th medevac, combat support hospitals and epidemology / disease control support. Transportation companies to move our dead americans and so on. This was deep, basically undeveloped jungle terrain without many of the modern conviences we are used to. Guyana asked us to come in and clean up the mess. A few guys in my unit were selected to assist the grave registration troops I was glad I was not one of them. So yes I was part of the medical support for that effort but luckily I did not have to deal with the direct clean up of that mess.
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    Wow another judge, jury and sniper. got to love it.
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    Now that does not sound like a Clinton explanation.
    Sounds like a logical explanation of how tieguy was involved with the clean-up but not directly involved in recovering the bodies.
    I'm sure tieguy is willing to accept your apology Cochise. :wink2:
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    I love ripping Tie but the moment I saw Cochise's post and Tie's words of "Actually had the chance" along with his original post, I knew what he meant and that Cochise's smoke signals were nothing more than "piss on a campfire" and that the only thing from that is lots of useless smoke with a very bad smell!

    You know, Cochise is apache or more precise, Chiricahua Apache from down Arizona way. When I read Tie's comments posted at the link and went back up the thread a bit, it was just something about that thread that reminded me also of Arizona. I wonder why that is?


    BTW: Tie , you didn't have to explain anything in my book. We have another thing in common besides being from different planets. I was born at Bragg!
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    you poor soul.:happy-very: your dad in the army?
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    More careful parsing from someone who did not know the name of the officer in charge of the clean up at the site.
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    you lost me on that one.

    For a new poster here you sure do seem to show an uncanny amount of interest in my posts. It had to cost you some time in the archives to drag up this attempted hatchet job. Keep digging if you're that obsessed with me. You won't find any rambo stories told by me. My time in was relatively quiet.

    we had the jonestown issue to talk about.

    I lived near the old stockade that delta force trained in just before the failed Iran hostage rescue.

    we had pope air force base next to us and the launch area was called green ramp where the 18th airborne corp flew out of when mobilized. We sat on green ramp twice while I was there thinking we were going somewhere but never went.

    Had to worry about possibly fighting the soviets in iran at one point but that never materialized . thank god. Washington post columnist Jack Anderson got his hands on the plans and did a week long column on how close we came to going to war with the soviets.

    Other then that we went out in the field alot and practiced our skills and tried to stay sharp just in case we got called on.

    Back then I would have loved to have had an Iraq and the chance to get my combat medic badge. In todays world I wonder where my head was back then.:happy-very:

    I think you should think about where yours is now. I'll get pretty lively in the debates but there are some things I would leave alone. Some things are sacred. I think your lust to slam the management guy just took you into that territory.
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    so you were born around the time a green beret doctor jeff mcdonald killed his family there?
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    From an age stand point, I wish I could say that.