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  1. Hey does anyone know how it works for us when july 4th is on a saturday like this year? Do we get friday off or do we just get paid an extra day?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You get paid for the extra day.
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    When a holiday falls on a Saturday, you get an extra days pay for that week. When a holiday falls on a Sunday UPS will be closed on Monday.
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    Nothing like worrying about your July 4th holiday 2 weeks before Christmas!! Can you say "anal", I know you can..
  5. rod

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    He is probably trying to plan his vacations for next year. I always loved trying to figure out the whole up coming year in Jan. I mean everyone knows what they will be doing come Sept. of 09:peaceful:
  6. brown bomber

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    in the past vacations, didn't have to be posted until the start of the year (2009)...usually by Feb. or March (2009)..............Had to post mine a week before Thanksgiving.........my crystal ball didn't arrive before the posting...I just tried to guesstimate...my vacation...I HOPE I GOT IT RIGHT
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    Jeez More,
    Give a guy a break.
    I was just planning what I would cook for Thanksgivings 09'.
    So many decisions.:happy2:
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    hmmmmm, how bout turkey?
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    Does this $15 card have a pop-up timer?