Just attended the NorCal Local 287 Meeting...

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    the most heated discussion was regarding health and welfare since most of us here are part of an excellent company insurance plan. we are subject to the:

    "Memorandum of Understanding

    In recognition of the request from the Western Conference Negotiating Committee and Local Union 177 to
    evaluate and prepare a proposal to provide medical coverage for employees within their jurisdiction rather than having
    them transition to the Central States Health & Welfare Plan (CS H& W), the parties agree that any such proposal will be
    considered by the parties if presented before November 1, 2013. Any such plan must provide benefits equal or superior to
    those provided by the CS H &W Fund for a contribution rate that does not exceed that paid to CS H&W Fund. The
    proposal shall be subject to approval of the Co-Chairs of the Joint Negotiating Committee."

    the union has to try to come up with a proposal that will match or exceed the TeamCare proposal at a contribution cost that is equal or less than what has been negotiated in the next 5 months. good luck with that. what we have now will be gone for good on new year's day. the best we can hope for if the national passes is a separate plan that is only marginally better.

    easy NO vote for me (fwiw)
  2. Did they say anything about the retirees after jan.1, 2014?
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    The company has 140,000 employees on its insurance plan and had to have an extra four billion in assets to cover that for their books. UPS was glad to give up running a healthcare plan.
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    "United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) and the Teamsters UPS National Negotiating Committee (Union) agree to the following
    in connection with the former Teamster-represented UPS employees who are in a retired status as of December 31, 2013
    and receiving retiree medical coverage through a UPS sponsored plan:
    1) Retirees in UPS sponsored plans (pre- and post-65) will have the following contribution rates:
    Effective 1-1-2014:
    Single-fifty dollars ($50.00)/retiree plus-one hundred dollars ($100.00)
    Effective 1-1-2015: Single-one hundred dollars ($100.00)/retiree plus-two hundred dollars ($200.00)
    Effective 1-1-2016:
    Single-one hundred and fifty ($150.00)/retiree plus-three hundred dollars ($300.00)
    2) Effective January 1, 2014 all current retiree medical plans will be modified to provide an 80/20 benefit in
    network; 70/30 benefit out-of-network, and an annual deductible of $200/$400."

    yes. apparently if you have the ability to retire in 2013 you have a big choice to make.
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    Yes they did - as of January 1, 2014 NO LIFE TIME INSURANCE - covered until 65 then you are dumped onto Medicare with no supplement
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    Guess I'm never going to retire then!
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    Medicare and an F supplement cut my cost per month down $700.....it was like getting a raise!!!! Having Medicare kick in was a God-send!
  8. What? No insurance for retirees?
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    Relax---go back and read his post more slowly.
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    Here's where the bullchitt begins.. IF you read the western regional supplement, WE are already put into the CSH&W and there will be NO BETTER PLANS to come!

    We are in TEAMCARE and everything else said about finding a new plan is complete CRAP!

    Its all a scheme to get us to vote blind, while thinking the west is going to take the next 6 months to find a better policy. BUT read the language in the MOU CAREFULLY...

    ""Any such plan must provide benefits equal or superior to those provided by the CS H &W Fund for a contribution rate that does not exceed that paid to CS H&W Fund"


    For us in the west, our contribution rate is $18995.00 per full time employee. ITS FAR LESS IN THE CENTRAL STATES!

    What does that mean???

    UPS is still going to "allocate" the same money for my contribution to the plan, HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER, by contract, the WEST cannot spend MORE THAN what is allocated by central states. That means the Central states will POCKET the difference in contributions from me and YOU.

    Its a simple "skimming" process.

    Its a way to shore up the CSh&W. Take a little from the top and provide an inferior plan. Even if the West could find the SAME plan that WE are on currently, this language PREVENTS it from purchasing it.

    We are stuck with the central states plan if this passes and we will LOSE OUR SUPERIOR BENEFITS.


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    I thought you were all about getting people off the goverment DOLE , but now you cheer placing yourself on it??

    Make up your mind.


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    I prolly drop dead in a mail room! Hopefully after lunch cause the wife packs a tasty lunch!
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    Medicare isn't free you know......plus I paid into it all my working life. Go pee on that!!!
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    Looks like if this contract passes Our health care account will be the next thing to be skimmed being that Central states pension fund was bought out by UPS because It was so underfunded More reason to get away from the national contract We are Being bought and sold by our local officials and being Tossed in the Central states health care plan hands down Looks like Hoffa can't be trusted Local 287 officials didn't have the balls To tell the international that we would not be on board With this healthcare We will remember that when they come up for reelection's It's time to clean house boys Send them back to remember what it was like to work for a living And get shafted
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    You also forget that when you first get hired you wouldn't get healthcare for 12 to 18 months. The company still pays that until the company plans get dropped. In CS plan that money coming from the company goes into CS found. What a scam.
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    Vote NO

    Quietly it has been presented that the WCT is attempting to obtain such HC program for the west.

    I am not assured of this but I will take the word of the individual who told me this.

    It's all wait and see until 11/1/12

    Makes me wonder how the ball gets rolling.
    Is it a NO vote that moves this faster along?
    Is it a wait and see perspective?
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    and that's based on your joining here this month ????? you'll disappear after ratification.....poof !!!
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    dialup, why are you even here? You've made a total of 4 posts and all of them have been personal attacks. Not one post on the issues at hand.
    Re: Just attended the NorCal Local 287 Meeting...
    58,000+ posts?! You are one of the most pathetic people I've ever encountered on the internet. ​

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    Re: Just attended the NorCal Local 287 Meeting...
    Hard to believe that someone like you ever WORKED for a living. Or could have held a job for that matter. ​

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