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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by new2ups, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. new2ups

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    I just got hired. I am excited to finally get health coverage for my daughter. Could anyone give me advice on how to make driver?

    *I've read other posts that say run away from UPS, but it is a good deal for me because.....

    1.Health care from my wifes job cost $600 monthly for 3
    2.Day care runs around $450(=

    So if you add the money im saving plus the salary I'm earning the equivilent of $1500 working part-time. Not bad. So I am in a pretty could position. What is your best advice on making driver? Is there any extra work I can Sign up for while in the warehouse? How many years do you have to put in to make driver.

    P.S. 3:00-9:00 shift southern California

    Thank you to all who answer. :cool:
  2. brownieboy

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    Welcome to UPS. Cant tell you many answers. Talk with your Supervisor, let him know you are willing to work. OH one more thing CHRISMAS SUX as a UPSer. lol
  3. new2ups

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    Thanks. Im glad to finally be in after applying every 2 years for the last 6 years.
  4. Shop Al

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    Been retired for a while... some advise... Work hard, be honest... develop a relationshop with all management....Let them clearly now what your intentions are... use solid common sense. If it does not feel right ... it probably isn't...Great company.... BUT people run it....the Human factor... Good luck
  5. excellent advice
  6. cashmen

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    Sign up for Saturday driving and get your foot in the door as a air driver!
  7. new2ups

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    Thank you. I will definatley look into that. Thank you to everyone.

    P.S. This forum is cool:thumbup1:
  8. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Shopal had some very good pointers. Heed them.

    I would also add that in many places they all the time need people to work or cover other shifts. While some places do not allow this, others find that a good employee, even though the pay over time, is still a better investment than one that never shows up.

    Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. Some times they come when you least expect them and need them the most.

    As for full time, it is pretty much cut and dry, you must have the seniority to get there. But sometimes that wait is not as long as you might think, just keep your driving record clean, no moving violations on your record. Just one is a deal killer for a year.

    Enjoy the trip, find yourself another job to make more money if you need it. All the way around, for now, it sounds like you really needed the job and it fills the bill for you at this time.

  9. dave_socal

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    Listen to this guy he is correct, plus shave dont come to work looking like a bum(hip hop, du rag, baggy clothes etc). The promotion will come be ready. Ready meaning your driving record or trouble with the law. There are still good people in managment who will take note of this and you will be rewarded. Plus stay away from "negative guy" too many of these slackers here taking up space. You can go as high in this company as your ambition, work ethic, education can take you. If you look at the biographies of many upper level managment they started at the bottom its harder now but not impossible. This company has help me feed, house, and clothed my familiy for 18years. It can do the same for your young family and more if you work hard for it. Good luck:thumbup1:
  10. BIG O

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    FIRST THING, JOIN THE UNION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. new2ups

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    I always take pride in my personal apperance, so thats not a problem. I have to say.....one of the first things I noticed on the tour, some guys had on pants so baggy and you could not see their shoes. They were all ripped to shreds at the cuff and soiled black. I will never understand this style. Oh well.
  12. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    They do not allow that type here. For two reasons. One is safety. The second is that it allows the wearer to steal things in his pants. So baggy pants are out.

  13. dave_socal

    dave_socal PACKAGE/FEEDER

  14. diadlover

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    new2ups, here are some words of wisdom:

    1)Do not go into management.
    2)Do not become a driver.
    3)It's a union company so your hardwork is meaningless.
    4)If you steal it is a felony if it crossed state lines. No matter how small it is.
    5)Drink a lot of water.
    6)Pay your union dues.
    7)Your PT sup. is nothing. He can't do sh-t without a full-time sups permission.
    8)Don't listen to dannyboy. He's an idiot.
    9)Don't shave. Shaving sucks so why do it when your just a hub-rat?
    10)Request to work in the unload. From there go to the small-sort. Stay there because you'll earn $1 more per hour.
    11)Pay a fellow worker $20 to get a carpool pass with so you can park in the front.
    12)Get about 3 i.d. cards because you don't want to forget yours. You can wait like 15 minutes for a sup to come sign you in.
    13)Don't listen to wily_old_vet. He's an old coot.
    14)File a grievance when you see sups working.
    15)An employee can and will be terminated for poor attendance. However, a lazy piece of crap that comes to work on time every day will have job security. Just ask double_standard.
    16)Wear deoderant. Can't tell you how many stinky bas-ards I've had to smell.
    17)Become a steward or study the union contract. Know your rights.
    18)Listen to over9five. He's good people.
  15. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Okay one good piece of advice out of 18.
  16. diadlover

    diadlover New Member

    Go back to the drawing board and think of a way to tear me apart, tieguy. I counted like 6 posts from you ALL about me in about a 15 minute span. Ha Ha Ha, your a loser! You probably think about me when your not even on this site, don't you? I OWN YOU!!
  17. new2ups

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    Wow, I dont know wether to laugh or cry :ohmy:
  18. palguy

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    See what you started, new2ups!! J/K, just go to work with a positive attitude and don't pay any attention to the jerks.
  19. cashmen

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    Well, a big piece of advice is to not listen to diadlover!
  20. brownieboy

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    This is the best advice I have seen.
    Treat EVERY package as if it were your own. Take pride in what you do. It sounds like you have tried hard to get in the company. We all know you can go flip burgers for at least the same starting wage. Ill guarantee if you give UPS time you will have a VERY good paycheck. The benefits ROCK! You get one heck of a workout every day. The opportunity for advancement is good. I dont know if you have tuition reimbursment, but check. As with anything you do, IT IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.
    The union overall is good for the workers, even though the are really screwing the employees that are about to retire.
    Overall I love my job, some days the mgmnt. ticks me off, but hey, thats their job.lol Just grin and bear it, and it gets better the next day.