just passed road test!!!

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  1. ibleedbrown

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    now i have to do the dot physical, recently my doctor said i have high blood sugar but not diabetes, do u think i'm all good? i quit drinkin pop, slowed down on the alcohol and sweets big time.
  2. ibleedbrown

    ibleedbrown Active Member

    just looked at the dot regulations, i should be all good, my blood sugar was 115, well below the guidelines.
  3. ajblakejr

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    You were not DX'd with a problem metabolizing sugar.
    There is no need to mention this on physical form or in conversation.

    Clarification: Do not add this to the conversation.
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    don't drink any coffee the morning of physical. take a brisk walk or cardio several hrs before. then relax. my bp was a little elevated so i googled preparing for a bp test and that helped me pass.
  5. ibleedbrown

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    my blood pressure is good. thanks for the advice guys! wish me luck! i hear the integrad is a nightmare and they are super anal. i am gonna try and practice some more in the yard before class starts in april.
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    going full time

    i would love to know where
  7. bryanturner100

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    your going full time
  8. Indecisi0n

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    Is there a DOT site that shows what you have to disclose during a DOT physical?
  9. ibleedbrown

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    not sure about that, i'm trying not to worry about it too much. i'm goin for my physical on monday i will keep my mouth zipped. as far as i know they only ask if you have diabetes and or family history of diabetes. on the dot regs that i saw for class c your only disqualified if you have diabetes and are on insulin. for cdl you can be disqualified only if your blood sugar is 200 w a needle prick or 10% suguar or higher in urine.

    as for another poster, full-time seasonal but my union is fighting to make it a permanent position seeing since its before april, i am in the chicagoland area. either way, at this point, i'll take it just to get my foot in the door.
  10. Indecisi0n

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    Never leave home without it.
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    lol thanks for the advice!! i have heard that one many times!! it's better than an adult diaper or a catheter!
  12. scratch

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    Tell them you don't snore if you are asked, they will try to get you for sleep apnea if you do.
  13. ibleedbrown

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    i passed my physical with flying colors!!! now i'm gonna memorize the 5 & 10 i almost got them down, and i'm gonna find the methods on line, print em out and learn them too. i have been practicing the 5 & 10 in my car whenever i drive. any other tips besides bringing a water bottle to pee in? lol

    my classes start in april, and i am gonna do my best to be on top of my game. any tips would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  14. ibleedbrown

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    so i did a little research and basically i'm going to take the initiative and try and learn as much and memorize as much as possible before starting the class. the 5 & 10, the pre-trip, the methods, the order in which they want u to do things etc etc. i am going to get my uniforms dry cleaned and pressed, my boots shined til i can see my reflection in them, a fresh haircut, i will hot towel shave everyday lol. i will have my friend ride w me in my car and act like an instructor as i rattle off the 5 & 10, we will do fake deliveries to houses where we know the people so we don't get shot. i am gonna get to work early and do the pre-trip on the trucks in the yard and see if i can practice some more driving in yard etc etc...i will also try and find out the names and locations of the streets and buildings in the little integrad driving village...

    just talked w hr and they are going to send me a pre-course and then i will go on an observation ride w a sup.

    anyone take integrad recently that can give me more hints or details about the pre-course and observation ride?

    thanks again and any tip from anyone would be greatly appreciated!!!
  15. Indecisi0n

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    Don't walk aimlessly around the yard. You are not certified and cannot leave the designated walk paths.
  16. ibleedbrown

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    i am yard certified.
  17. ibleedbrown

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    back with an update for all those interested in the part time - full time process. so i have been studying the 5 and 10 and pre-course pretty much have it nailed down.

    just got off the phone with HR the 5 seeing habits will have to be known word for word and i will have to be able to say them out loud, and write them down from memory. they will not fail you because of punctuation but you will have to spell it right and pronounce the words right.

    they emailed me a pre-course dealing w the diad that i will have to pass 85% or better. you will get to read a training section and then take an assessment on each section of the test. i will get 3 chances to get 85% or better. failing to do so will result in a 6 month disqualification from the hiring process. HR recommends i complete the pre-course by sometime next week.

    if i pass the pre-course i will be go on an observation ride with a driver in my center. i will be given a pamphlet that i will take notes on and basically be a drivers helper for the day at my current pay rate. i will not have to report to my regular shift on that day.

    if all goes well i will be put up in a hotel on sunday april 7th to sunday april 14th the classes will be monday through friday.
    i plan on having the pre trip and 5 & 10 locked down by the first day so i can test out and not have to worry about them the rest of the week.

    i will keep you guys updated on how things are coming along. keep in mind that the things they are having me do might not be the same for other states or integrads, this is just my experience but i'm pretty sure it will be very similar to what you will experience if you go through the process.

    any tips or suggestions from experienced drivers and or people who recently went through integrad would be highly appreciated. thanks again.
  18. ibleedbrown

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    passed the diad test part of the online precourse, my advice would be to do the online training as many times as possible to get familiar w the diad functions and take notes on the different scenarios. in the training you will go over around 18 different scenarios, leftat deliveries, multiple internationals, c.o.d deliveries, hazmat domestic and international deliveries, scheduled pickups etc etc familiarize yourself w these scenarios because u will be tested on 5 of the scenarios that are in the training and will have to do them exactly the same way. u will need a 85% or better to pass and will get 3 chances to do so, i got 98% on my first try.

    now i have to take the 2nd and final part of the precourse test, which goes over the 5 seeing habits and the 10point commentary, on car safety, personal safety which has to do w lifting and lowering, slips and falls, pushing and pulling, end range motion etc etc the pushing and pulling and end range motion part can be a little confusing and i'm going to focus my studying on this part of the online training. finally service labels and what the different parts of label means, what the service level indicators mean, for example next day airs need to be delivered by 1030am or noon.

    i'm gonna take this test today i will let you know what the test was like and how i did.
  19. serenity now

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    sounds like you have a really good attitude, Good Luck, and keep us updated
  20. balland chain

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    You are way way way too excited about this job. Check back in a year or so and lets see how gung ho you are are.. Maybe after you go out, work your butt off for a few months, and then you make a minor mistake, and find yourself fired...?? I was the exact same way 28 years ago when I started with UPS. Back then, it was a good job, with not too much stress, just get all your packages delivered and make all your pickups. It has gone down hill since then.. but kid, if this is what you want,I am sure you will do just fine.