Just signed up to be a driver, this sucks

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    I just signed up to be a driver and its going to be a long long wait, possibly years.. i talked to the driver sup. he told me it could be 8-10 years until i get my own route and at least 5 years until im going out almost 5 days a week.. this is ridiculous, im working in the building and most of the cover drivers are back in. maybe i should start looking for a new career
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    Good luck on your job search.
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    Well, that's your call. But if you decide to stick it out, I would advise you to sign every driver list that comes up so that you stay active on the list. He may be exaggerating as well, especially since neither you or he can predict the future. Minds change and people retire. Good luck.
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    i have always heard this, that at UPS you have to wait FOREVER to become a package car driver

    but they make 3 times what the new guys inside make

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Good things come to those who wait....read that in a fortune cookie.
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    Don't count on UPS to get you that job. If it was up to the company, they wouldn't have any full-time jobs available. Everyone would be a part-timer that was recycled 3 years after their bodies couldnt take any more pain.

    I'm glad to have personally set myself up outside of a place like this. If I ever decide to give my 2 weeks, or if UPS decides to axe me, I am not stuck without somewhere else to turn. Basically, plan a life for yourself to succeed outside of UPS, because there's nothing pretty at brown.
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    fed ex is hiring.
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    This is a decision that you and your family, if applicable, will have to sit down and make together. Progression to a driving position can vary greatly from region to region, even from building to building within a region, and depends greatly on the economy. I was an off the street hire who gained FT seniority in 11 months back in 1989 which was a period of growth. That would not happen in today's economy. Your building may have some driver's who are elgible for retirement who have decided to put off retirement until the economy and their 401k's turn around. This is keeping the cover drivers from moving up and the PTers from moving up to fill the cover driver positions.

    It doesn't sound as though you want to spend the next 8-10 years working inside the hub/center. Keep in mind that while the pay may not be what you feel you should be earning the benefits are nothing to sneeze at. Perhaps you should look for a 2nd job doing something that you enjoy and keep UPS for the benefits. Ideally this 2nd job would pay you under the table. You may also think about using UPS for the tuition reimbursement.
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    Oh, and by the way, check to see how many more are on the list to become drivers and where you stand in seniority. I know of a couple small centers where guys have been pre-qualified for a long time.