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  1. nodeal

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    There's something that doesn't feel right about busting my ass for 8.50 an hour, but I love the workout and leave work feeling great. Plus, a dollar raise is only a few months down the road and there are amazing part time opportunities and future benefits that provide incentive. This is great while I go to school, and will only get better as raises and advancement come my way. Just gotta keep working hard!

    It's tough getting used to building a nice wall and maintaining a quick pace. Today was my fifth day. I see myself progressing slowly but surely. Hopefully I'll have it down before their 40 day "grace period" is over.

    I like everyone I have worked with so far, and my supervisor/trainer is just a nice guy. This definitely makes things more tolerable.

    I have responsibility and am working hard... something I did not have working in my previous job (clerical work at a doctor's office). I'm developing a good work ethic. I know what it means to dedicate hours of my day to hard, manual labor.

    Great to be part of the UPS team. I hope this positive attitude isn't temporary. I'm only a week in, so hopefully the job doesn't get the best of me after several months. Props to you guys who have done/are doing this type of work. Good ****.
  2. silenze

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    Remember to work safe, your safety is more important then those packages.
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    Get out while you still can! Run out the door (make sure its not an overhead/ garage door) and never look back! Guarantee you'll thank me some time down the road.
  4. PassYouBy

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    Just keep doing what your doing and "try" to keep the attitude you have. Every job has its ups and downs and its all what you make of it. My biggest thing is DO NOT let them just rely on YOU when things need to get done!! If you show them you can do more than one thing, then you will be "tagged" as the GO-TO-GUY and eventually the drive you in the ground.

    One of the other biggest thing that you probably want to ignore sometimes is people telling you to get out while you can. I never understood why people say this, if they say it why don't they do it?! Sure would help you move up in seniority:happy-very:!!

    Good luck and just take every day as it comes.:peaceful:
  5. nodeal

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    Damn, so sometimes it's best to back off a little when things need to get done?

    I think people are half kidding when they say to get out as soon as possible. I don't understand why someone who truly hates their job that much would stick with it.
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    Come again.....
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  8. UnsurePost

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    and those amazing part-time opportunities and future benefits are....?
  9. bubsdad

    bubsdad "Hang in there!"

    Welcome. Just do the job they ask you to do the way they want it done. Keep your positive attitude and don't let people infect you with negativity. Good luck.
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    Safety is always the most important thing, until he stops meeting his numbers!:surprised:
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    sorry your unhappy with pay . Hom much do you want? your one of a kind.
  12. nodeal

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    Yep, that's the plan. Thanks.
  13. PassYouBy

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    Good advice!!
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    Wait til there is an opening on a preferred job and try to move there. Providing you have enough seniority at the time. I've been a loader for almost 2 years now, hopefully getting out of the trailer soon.
  15. UnsurePost

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    Hi nodeal, welcome to BC.

    Care to elaborate what you were referring to?
  16. nodeal

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    Good health coverage, tuition assistance, and various part time promotions that allow you to make a decent salary as a student. This is all very attractive while I earn my degree.
  17. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    I'm afraid you bought into what HR told you hook line and sinker.

    Health coverage- yes, it's great, after one year of service do you become eligible.

    Tuition assistance - yes it's available in SOME locations. I'm assuming your location offers it. That is a plus.

    Promotions? are we working for the same company? there are none on the union side. Put in your letter of intent to go into management if you want a "promotion"
  18. UPSNewbie

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    He could be talking about bidding into preferred jobs. Who knows. Even then, it could take a year or two.

    But even then... it's not a pay rate promotion. (Unless loader position is considered unskilled)
  19. tworavens

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    I think he is referring to being promoted into management.
  20. nodeal

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    Yes I know it takes a year to kick in. This is why I referred to it as future benefits which help to provide incentive to work hard.

    Tuition assistance is indeed available at my location, either through a promotion to supervisor or a transfer to the midnight shift. Either are both obtainable after some seniority is earned.

    As far as promotions, I am interested in driving after 2 years of part-time work, or I would like to go down the management route, where I can become a supervisor in 9 months to a year if I keep a good attitude.