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    $32.29 current wage.
    10 hours overtime per week.
    Yearly wage increases not split.
    raises: $.70, $.75, $75, $80, $.95

    Total wages 5 years = $494,487

    Same as above EXCEPT:
    Change the raises to 2.9% (which is the current national average wage increase for 2013)
    raises become $.94, $.96, $.99, $1.02, $1,05

    Total wages 5 years = $503,501

    =$9014 over 5 years
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    Can't wait to compare my current co-pays and deductibles to the plan they want to put me in.

    If it is 20% co-pays, higher meds and higher deductibles I could be looking at less money in the pocket then what I currently make.

    Right out of the gate, my purchasing power will be lower by the end of the contract do to inflation. Throw in a union health plan and I may have to make financial cut backs by the end of the contract.

    Does the top management raises keep up with inflation???????
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    Always vote NO on the first offer.
  4. quamba 638

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    2.9 for pt time would be about .30 cents a year.
  5. Brownslave688

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    I got reamed last night for suggesting that could even be possible. I think a problem is most over the last 5-7 years haven't seen a ton in the form of inflation.

    All that means to me is its due to even out and we are looking at higher than normal inflation in the near future.
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    You have to pass it before you know what's in it........Pelosi principle !!
  7. Bagels

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    It always amuses me how the same posters who describe ten-year, FT Walmart employees earning sub-$10/hour wages as "overpaid," in the next breath describe their wage hikes -- which have been nearly double the rate of inflation, as this one will be baring an unlikely spike in the inflation index -- as being insufficient and "below inflation" (completely false).

    So FTers receive nearly $4 in raises in addition to maintaining no-cost benefits and they're still unhappy? This should keep them within the top 15% of all wages earns, and 10% of overall compensation earners, in the country, and the highest paid MENIAL employees. Honestly, what did you expect, a bar of Gold every week? Personally, I'm pondering if it comes at the expense of a delayed FT wage progression.
  8. PiedmontSteward

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    Honestly, I was hoping we should see the $1.00/hr "catch-up" raise (spread out over 5 years, so essentially an extra $0.20/year) for part-timers passed. It still might be in there, but I assume it would have been leaked out along with the pay raise numbers. I confirmed the pay raises this morning ($0.70 for the first three years, $0.80 split raise for the fourth year, then a $1.00 split raise the final and fifth year). Granted, its $0.10 less -- total -- than the '08-'13 contract, but its still a solid deal if PT starting pay was raised. I'm more than willing to trade that $0.10 for a fair starting wage for future hires. My estimate (based off of nothing but an educated guess) is that we'll see starting pay bumped up somewhere between $10-$12/hour; that will make the job of organizing in RTW states a bit easier and, simply put, its the right thing to do.

    While I haven't seen the Tentative Agreement yet and will be reserving judgement until I do, it seems - so far - that GST hall did a damn fine job getting us a deal done in spite of the company demanding concessions.

    In 2018, FT drivers will be making $37/hour and they will continue to be the highest paid in the industry with a defined pension plan and the best benefits in the private sector. Simply put, there's no pleasing some people.
  9. Brownslave688

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    Google REAL inflation. There are actually legitimate inflation numbers out there. Not the government sugar coated ones.

    It's somewhere between 6-8%. That's how much the actual cost of living is going up. I'm sure u know though u by gas and groceries.
  10. Bagels

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    Uh... inflation compounded at 6-8% is "real" inflation; continued at that rate, driver's wages would need to increase $2.25-$2.75 -- well below the negotiated raise -- to keep up with inflation.

    The raise you've received over the past two contracts exceeds what I earn our an annual basis -- and I live a comfortable life. If your "below inflation" raise ... which is really nearly double the inflation rate ... hasn't been sufficient to keep up with your expenses, then I suggest you hire a financial advisor to determine lifestyle changes.
  11. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    This and healthcare is where it hangs for me.

    Give part timers a big enough boost and ill accept my small pay cut.
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    New fulltime drivers in my area actually took a pay cut. Instead of $32 it was cut back to $27. After all the raises in 2013 it's suppose to be $29.10. So by the time I go full scale I'll be making...$31.20. Not bad money by any stretch of the imagination. Like all new employees, We get a little less than the fellas before us. But I'm not greedy. I still think I'm being well compensated.
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    If new hire part timers are to get say an increase to 10.50. What impact does it have on the rest of the part timer force? Will an increase in new hirer pay ONLY affect recent hires? I am assuming you still can't pay a new hire more than someone with a seniority date.
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  14. PT Stewie

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    Starting wage will be $10.00 per hr.
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    In 2018, FT drivers will be making $37/hour and they will continue to be the highest paid in the industry with a defined pension plan and the best benefits in the private sector.

    I live near Kokomo, Indiana where currently, I have brothers in the auto industry that make $36+ per hour....today in 2013. They go to work everyday and work until the meet "quota" on the line (I have one brother who does this) or my other brother, who does maintenance, hangs out until something breaks down and he goes and fixes it - all the while getting paid. No harrassment and an 8 hour workday from 6:30 to 3pm. They know they are getting off work at 3pm everyday, going to go home to dinner with the family and maybe attend their kids sporting event or whatever. Keep in mind that they these brothers of mine are making $31-$36 per hour, today in 2013.

    Now I know that my UPS husband works from the time he gets there until the time he leaves, bustin' his ass to get home as early as possible so that he can spend time with his family, go to sporting events, etc. Depending on who whined and cried that morning to have work taken off of them dictates when my husband gets home. He takes abuse from management, abuse on his body as he hurries within safety limits to get his job done, working in all kinds of weather and he doesn't make $36 per hour. So I'm thinking that UPS workers are not at the top of the food chain. And given all the hard work that all of you do - and I do believe that the part-timers work harder than probably anyone else and should be paid waaay more than even $12 per hour - you should be compensated properly. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that you are deserving of higher wages. It could mean good wages, FREE TOP OF THE LINE MEDICAL BENEFITS, a GOLDEN RETIREMENT fund and a working envrionment free of harrassment, defined working hours and anything else that the company should provide (i.e, bonuses). UPS is a customer service business. Your drivers are the face of the company and is what drives the profits up. They are no less deserving than your investors. Your workers invest way more than money into this company. They invest their body, sweat and tears, not to mention time from their family that they will NEVER get back, to make UPS profitable and are just a deserving if not more. And since you all pay union dues (ours just went up another $6.50 per pay) your union reps should be bustin' their asses to get you the top of the line contract from a $4 billion in profits company. And don't forget - the first quarter earnings report has UPS slated to earn well above what they earned last year.

  16. quamba 638

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    What if you worked at UPS 2 years and make 10 dollars an hour? The guy working 2 days gets the same?
  17. Bagels

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    Comparing UPS Teamsters to the UAW is unreasonable. The UAW agreed to a two-tier wage & benefit system in which new hires earn a top pay rate that's currently less than half that of UPS drivers. In addition, new UAW hires have significantly inferior health & welfare benefits, and significantly less paid time off. By the end of the decade -- when the proposed UPS contract will be expiring -- these employees will make up the bulk of the UAW's work force.
  18. Bagels

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    It appears there's going to be a "catch up" raise for current PTers. I have no definitive details but I've heard current PTers will receive an additional $1 raise this year. I'm uncertain as to if this applies to all PT, those under a specific wage, or those who currently do not receive the skilled worker premium.
  19. PT Stewie

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    If you are in progression a raise for sure
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