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  1. myUPSguyTrickNme

    myUPSguyTrickNme New Member

    Does anyone work in LAUREL, MD?

    I need to get a few packages sent back to me that my UPS guy thinks he's being cute saying he can't deliver them to me because:





    Well I never received any INFO NOTICES on my door saying they even attempted a delivery!:crying:

  2. dragracer66

    dragracer66 Active Member

    If you never recieved these notices how do you know what all three said!!!!
  3. myUPSguyTrickNme

    myUPSguyTrickNme New Member

    I checked the tracking since I wanted to know where my packages are? My PC was having problems a few days ago when it was 1st out for delivery.
  4. GuyinBrown

    GuyinBrown Blah

    Do you live in an apartment? I have a complex that I deliver to where the mailman pulls my info notices down and throws them away ( one resident caught him ).
    Maybe a neighbor that doesn't like you pulls it down?
    Maybe somebody from your family got home first and took it down?
    Do you own your own home but have a door so filthy the notice won't stick to it?
    Was the weather poor? Maybe the rain washed it off or the wind blew the notice away?

    There are 100 reasons why you might not get a notice. Maybe he really didn't make an attempt. Have you been a real prick to him in the past?
  5. myUPSguyTrickNme

    myUPSguyTrickNme New Member

    I am usually home most of the day! Nobody else in my family gets home before me. My dogs will bark if someone is here or whenever they hear the UPS truck on my street.

    Well put it to ya this way there was no so called delivery attemps since on my door I have a memo board to leave a note on just in case maybe they had no sticky notes left! It is still stuck to my door.

    I have been a great neighbor to everyone so nobody would do that!

    No! I have always been good to him & other cover drivers :thumbup1: even giving them something cold to drink like GATORADE, bottled water, etc. especially in the summertime!
  6. GuyinBrown

    GuyinBrown Blah

    So you've been tracking the package since the supposed second attempt? Why didn't you call in and ask what happened at that point? In another thread you stated that it's on it's way back. We don't immediately send the package back after the third attempt, we hold it for a week, send out a postcard and wait for you to contact us. So to recap...

    You've claim no attempts were ever made,


    You've been tracking it since it's second attempt but didn't call in to find out what happened when it didn't arrive


    You apparently ignored the postcard and didn't contact UPS in over a week of it's non-delivery.

    You claim that you've always gone above and beyond as a customer, what possible reason could the driver have to be "TrickN" you?
  7. myUPSguyTrickNme

    myUPSguyTrickNme New Member

    I checked the tracking yes but not everyday when my PC had problems I couldn't.

    But the info for the tracking is still there so that's how I found out.

    I didn't get the postcard until the day after it got sent back the 1st time.

    Now HSN sent me out replacements which I tracked also found out I could ship to an alternate addy now so I did before the 3rd delivery attempt...well it was refused in mistake because the driver said he had a bunch of packages & the guy knew of a few packages for me but didn't want to sign if it was the wrong order & then be responsible for them if they weren't all mine. So he figured he'd check w/me 1st then have them re-delivered the next day.

    Neither one of us knew it would be sent back to the shipper :confused:1 They always ask for phone numbers but do you think anyone @ UPS would ever call to check before sending it back.
  8. GuyinBrown

    GuyinBrown Blah

    So now you're saying you had them shipped to an alternate address and apparently didn't warn them about it because they refused them?

    How is the driver TrickN you?
  9. myUPSguyTrickNme

    myUPSguyTrickNme New Member

    The guy knew about the packages but the driver lied about how many there was he didn't want to be responsible for them all since it is a business & maybe they weren't even mine :confused:1 some of the labels were missing. I only had a few he was expecting.

    The driver is not attemping any deliveries to me, then must give my packages to another driver to deliver because the tracking is weird


    Then the next day it is just left on my front porch :confused:1 so why couldn't he just leave it the 1st day.

    I make him nervous so he just refuses to deliver to me.

    I always thought a job is a job you're getting paid to deliver packages not everyone gets to pick & choose if they like or don't like someone. I know of a few people who work w/people they don't get along with but it's there job to deal w/it & just work!
  10. GuyinBrown

    GuyinBrown Blah

    Why would the driver lie? I can promise you that he'd rather get them off his truck than re-sheet them all as refused and offload them at the building.

    If the labels were missing, how would that be his fault?

    If a driver from a different route makes your delivery it is likely dictated by management. Certain portions of routes are often moved between different drivers when there is too much work on a truck.

    If they were left on your front porch the next day... Then this is your 3rd variation on the story. I thought they were refused and sent back?

    What exactly do you do to make him "nervous" and how do you know he is? Do you point a gun at him or something? A job is a job and we are paid to deliver packages, unless there are safety concerns. This is the second time you've referenced "making him nervous" after claiming...

    "I have always been good to him & other cover drivers :thumbup1: even giving them something cold to drink like GATORADE, bottled water, etc. especially in the summertime!"

    Then you imply that you two don't get along by saying...

    "I know of a few people who work w/people they don't get along with but it's there job to deal w/it & just work!"

    Which is it? Sorry but something doesn't add up here. I suspect that HSN hasn't had anything you're interested for the last couple days so you come here for your entertainment.
  11. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    do we have another thread stared by some noob from Fargo, ND asking a member from Tempe, AZ to find out why he didn't get his box of newspaper ads?
  12. sendagain

    sendagain Member

    If this delivery gets any more twisted, I might make an independent film of this for the next Sundance Film Festival.
  13. myUPSguyTrickNme

    myUPSguyTrickNme New Member

    Nope! Leaving the packages on my front porch was many weeks ago but this is why I said he's playing tricks on me
    since why all of a sudden it can just be left on my front porch when the other day it wasn't an option.

    Delivering on my street the UPS truck is here many different hours of the day 1st thing in the morning, later on during the day/evening I swear I think you guys drive in circles all day long!

    I can't tell ya why I make him nervous...but he told my neighbor that! :confused:1

    We always got along great! He even liked my dogs.

    Ohh HSN has alot of stuff to order but what's the point of tying up more of my money if it's just going to get sent back & never delivered:confused:1 then I gotta wait until they receive it to get my credit. To order another item that is sold out it's not possible so that's why I need these packages back:mad:
  14. myUPSguyTrickNme

    myUPSguyTrickNme New Member

    Start Filming!:w00t:
  15. Pip

    Pip New Member

    Things that make you go, HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!
  16. trucker1946

    trucker1946 Guest

    This is not the lost and found office,call UPS directly,your story is actually comical:thumbup1:
  17. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    Are you saying our driver lied about attempting to deliver the package to your apartment on all three attempts and the driver lied at the alternate location by not giving the alternate consignee an accurate count?
  18. myUPSguyTrickNme

    myUPSguyTrickNme New Member

    I have called UPS many times but nothing has been done!

    Talking to the local hub office which the one person refused to give me the phone number to call they said call the 800 # & someone from here will call you back!

    Perhaps it is management telling him he needs to deliver my packages which he really doesn't want to he'll hand them off to someone else. I told the person I spoke to @ the local hub usually it's not until days later that I sometimes get my packages delivered & just left on my front porch. So what's the deal not leaving them there in the 1st place?:confused:1

    There answer was maybe he had nobody to hand them to that day....we are talking about 3 days now not one:mad: then decided to send them back...yeah I know the postcard was sent out but by the time it got here was too late & not having my PC working then to check the tracking number didn't help!

    Well maybe it's about time to take legal action since after
    contacting the manager at UPS and informing them if this continues I can take them to court for with holding my mail.
    It is a federal offense to treat my mail like that. Regardless of if it is US postal or any independent carrier.
  19. GuyinBrown

    GuyinBrown Blah

    I love it when they threaten legal action they'll never take and would be laughed at by any lawyer they even proposed it to. :lol:

    The more you post, the more it becomes clear that either you're the problem here or the entire situation was fabricated so you'd get some attention while you waited for HSN to sell that next item you absolutely had to have.

    Hurry back to the TV, I heard they're selling rare Beanie Babies at 5pm...
  20. Channahon

    Channahon New Member

    You might want to start your lawsuit with USPS for not delivering your mail on time. Otherwise, you would have received your post card on time and been able to get your packages.

    You stated on this post and another, that you make your driver "nervous". Has the driver told you that you make him nervous? For some reason the word "stalking" comes to mind.

    UPS does not make any money returning packages to the shipper or making more than one attempt. Our drivers do their best to deliver packages the first time.

    Maybe you have the wrong carrier? I seem to remember hearing HSN is no longer with UPS.

    Anyone out there delivering Home Shopping Network???