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    Did anyone see the article in Friday's USA Today about companies dealing with fuel costs. Seems UPS sets up routes so the drivers don't have to turn left because it causes more idling. No wonder I feel like I'm going in circles all day. And PAS is going to save 100 million miles and 14 million gallons of fuel a year. Corporate spin.
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    HA! AFTER PAS was set up I gained two new left turns. I curse the PAS sup everyday as I sit there waiting FOREVER to turn...
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    Not making lefts probably does save fuel, but it definitely saves time (and it's also safer! imagine making 25 left turns on a busy county road and then making 25 more left turns to keep going along the path...that would be insane!). Driver time, which is what? $26.48/hour is a lot more expensive than fuel.
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    Yo hr dude.

    What do you make an hour?

    How much do you add to the bottom line in a day? Let me answer. A big fat zero. You add nothing to the bottom line. You bring in no money. That means you are sucking money from the bottom line. The driver is the lowest paid full time employee at UPS but is the only one who adds to the bottom line. Everyone else is taking. Each driver must carry one to 2 others with what he brings in each and every day.
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    DDomino...think before you speak next time. I have been driving for over 1 year now.

    As far as the driver being the only one who brings in money, that's not true, but the driver brings in the most money.

    Also, DDomino..I'm pretty offended you said I bring in NO MONEY. I run whatever route I do pretty damn effectively. The last two routes I did blind I scratched them. I run 17.7/hr where other drivers on the same route play games and run 13.8 - 15.5. As far as bringing in money, I'm certainly not wasting it.

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    WHAT EVER..... We'll see how you sing 25 years from now.
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    Sometimes I have up to 40 time commit deliveries that I have to get off by noon.(on area by 930)I`ve found that if I want to deliver all my ground with my air,the best way to do it is to drive straight to my furthest stop and make my way back doing as many right turns as I can to run it efficiently.I often find I can bang off 20 resis at the same time.I rarely run scratch,but on these occasions I actually sometimes get to sit and eat lunch for 50 min.
    Leaving me maybe 15 more to deliver during my log or after if necessary.I`m in the city so its probobly a lot different than rural areas.
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    HR, Think before you type.

    Why does your profile say under Occupation HR? If your a driver, why doesn't it say "driver"? As a driver you are brining in money.

    A whole year? wow that make you special. Lets see if in 15 or sixteen years you are still running 17.7 sporh (thats stops per on road hour for you rookies).

    If you stay at UPS, or don't go into management, in another year and a half you to will be earning what the rest of us earn.
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    Hey HR do you take lunch?
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    Yeah Brown I do. I take my full hour along with the other drivers in the town i deliver. I close the bulkhead door, turn the car off, follow all the methods when I'm working. I just don't mess around on the road like some other drivers. I know most drivers are very honest in what they do, but there are always those slapasses that hang out and mess around and I'm not one of them.
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    ddomino, Step aside. I've got a few points to make.

    This generation "E" dude has pulled my chain! The last thing we need to hear about is a coverage driver burning up a bid drivers route! Running scratch on UPS standards is a joke.

    One year delivering?!? And you are telling senior drivers that we "playing games"! WHEN you can call everyone on your own bid route by their first name,know each of their childrens names and who they are married to or what school the attend.WHEN you know the ocupations of your residential customers when you need to find them for a signature package. When you have more than 25 years seniority and 20 years safe driving. Then come take to me about "playing games"! This is what being a professional is all about. Not playing the over/under allowed game on company standards.

    I'm a bid driver that comes back from vacation to clean up the coverage drivers mis-deliveries. I'm the bid driver that takes out and finds the driver follow up claims. I'm the bid driver that has to write up that the clutch is going out on the truck after the coverage driver has burn it up. I'm the bid driver that has to get the extra work load off the route for the next three weeks that the coverage drive volunteered for while I was on vacation.

    So wise up hr. You have not impressed anyone here by bragging on yourself.

    (ddomino, I'm done venting now)
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    Well said
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    yea reydluap...I take offence to that "playin games" comment too.I`ve had the same area for 15 yrs,and I`d love to see hr_guy do it better.
    playin games...jeez...
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    I didn't say everyone plays games, but some people do and I'm sure you've encountered some people like that along your travels. It is my impression that 99% of the drivers are fair and honest and do what they should and are expected to do. As far misdeliveries, I haven't had any, I know most of the people on the routes what jobs they have etc. As far as claims I've had 1 in the past 13 months.

    I didn't intend to attack anyone here (as some seem to be taking it). I just said that I'm not sucking money off the bottom line, which I was accused of.
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    Sounds like another one hit superwonder.

    You haven't had any misdeliveries?

    How would you know.

    At most you could say you haven't been approached with a misdelivery claim yet.

    Few routes any more have realistic standards and that you burn up the routes blind and think you don't make mistakes fits the M.O. of most of the supes to be that I ever knew.

    They were self delusional also.[​IMG]
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    WOW reydluap, you really impressed me with your "bragging on yourself".
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    I'm not bragging vet. Just the facts. These kids that the company hires just love to burn up routes to impress you company boys.
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    HR-I'm impressed. You've been driving for just over a year and if I understood you you are a cover or swing driver. Yet you claim to know all the customers names and where they work. My hat is off to you. I know UPS would love to clone you.