Libertarianism, Teamsters, UBUNTU amd Me

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Hoaxster, Dec 17, 2013.

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    I liked this and it immediately reminded me of the Teamsters at UPS.
    In America, we call that Unionism ... except some members are more "are" than others.
    This reminded so much of the ideal ideas of Unionism but then reality takes hold.
    And then it reminded me so much of the ideal ideas of libertarianism but reality takes hold.

    Ode to bbsam

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    Ubuntu is also a version of linux that I have loaded up on a laptop. Not a bad operating system, and if you can master it has much more potential then windows could ever have.
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    And then the children grow up and figure out how naive they were to believe that the rest of the world would raise a finger to prevent their starvation, their exploitation, their slaughter. How can the world be happy when such evil exists? How can the world continue such cruelty? Quite easily and comfortably apparently.
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    That's the problem with philosophies whether that of African tribes, classical Greek, western religious...they aren't truly practiced.