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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Team89, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. Kanovic

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    What a lucky girl
  2. McDonald's $100 value meal?
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  4. Funny thing, I've actually been told that recently by a few fellow * at my center. To. Hell. With. That.
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  5. Do it!!
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  6. Kanovic

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    It’s a promotion you, deserve it.
  7. BiggieBrown

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    Because some of us, many of us, are leaving the company soon and don't want to let them get away with screwing us out of thousands of dollars on some b.s. technicality.
    You don't get "more money" if they hold your check longer.
    It's the same amount of money.
    If anything you could make the case that your money will be of less value the longer they get to hold it. What do you think they are doing with all that money? It's probably in some account somewhere accruing interest. Interest that you aren't getting.
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  8. Maybe read the other post over again. I dont believe the poster was talking about interest accruing.
    So you dont really know what is legally allowed for the company to do with the escrowed money?

    I thought you retired with your cat last year.
  9. Misthios

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    If you're leaving that's fine just let the money grow until you get it. It's not about interest or anything along those lines. Every second you're on the clock until the contract is finalized is more back pay you receive. I understand everyone's situation is different and hell I could really use the money right now for a lot of things but why rush free money?
  10. BiggieBrown

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    Because if we leave now we won't get it and UPS wins again.
  11. Kanovic

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    It is not really more back pay though. It is money that is yours and that is suppose to be on your raise so technically I’d does not matter if you get is right away or what it’s still the same. And definitely not free money you are working for it every hour. I rather them just give me my raise on August 1st when I was suppose to get one then get back pay.
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  12. Willis Chaffin

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    Right there with you.. I would have much rather had my 17.44 per hour raise last Aug then have to struggle living pay check to paycheck just so government can take half when I do get it.. but it is what it is,,,
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  13. upschuck

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    You're not owed anything until the contract passes, and that hasn't totally happened.
  14. Returntosender

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    Make better life decision so you don’t live paycheck to paycheck! Dave Ramsey would say struggle now to live good later
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  16. Tentative agreement.... sure. But we'll go ahead and wait another 2 friggin weeks to do anything about it
  17. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    This weekend would have been way to quick, and next is Easter. When would you have liked it?
  18. All I'm saying is 2 weeks is long time to take...
  19. SameRightsForAll

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    I guarantee you that this was not the case. 1) UPS KNEW that the number of voter met the threshold and they announced their defeat shortly after the election results came in and started preparing to go back to the table. 2) Shortly after this, the IBT discovered that, OOPS, we don't know how we missed this earlier, but uh oh..., not enough members voted. UPS quickly replied, "hey, ya know, maybe you're right". Mind you, everybody was clicking refresh on the web pages watching this crap unfold. Many people took screenshots and videos. I hope to God that one day somebody discover what conversations took place behind the scenes in the 30 minutes between events #1 and #2, and how the IBT came up with a DRASTICALLY different voter count in the 30 minutes between events #1 and #2. If you're such a gullible fool that you believe nothing shady went on to get this trash contract rammed up our doo-das, then you are one special kinda guy.
  20. It was a scam