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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Team89, Apr 3, 2019.

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    Why would you ?
  2. That's pathetic.
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    "Local 804 cannot override terms in the national contract, such as Article 22.4 drivers or part-time pay rates."

    How about the Local 243 Local Rider.... @browned out ?

    What's happening with your NLRB charge's ?
  4. Didn't any of these people see how many contracts that was imposed?

    How hard it to hit a button on your phone saying yes or no?
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    Lloyd Braun.... might have been right.
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    243 is done, it is over
  7. I haven't heard anything.
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    @browned out

    Hasn't had a chance to inform us.... of all the good.... he has accomplished.

    He has pending NLRB charges.

    Right ?
  9. Hopefully it works out for him.
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  10. Why shouldn't they get another offer?
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    im sure they will but it will be forced in the end
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    Wanted to comment on the last strike and clinton...but nevermind. How many are holding out now?
    Feeling kinda sorry that they arent getting what they need.
  13. Maybe they will get a better deal?
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    My steward told me the national negotiations committee will be discussing local 243 next week. Apparently our BA will be present.

    From what my BA is saying unlike the PA riders who had other issues. 243s only issues are related to 22.4s and airport badges.

    It's sounds like they will ask Hoffa to impose it again.
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  16. The union should have never gave the company 22.4 jobs without clear language on it.

    Swear to God I can't wait for 2021
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    I can practically smell that retro check! Will be over 9 mos back-pay; $4,320 after taxes estimated and counting!
  18. Turn up that 401k