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    Isn't it funny how things happen after elections. This past week we received a letter stating that the union is modifing the way our credits are calculated. Effective Jan 1 2007 we now need 45 weeks to received a full years credit instead of 35 weeks. The problem with this year is we have a few drivers retiring after the first of the years , so after the 1st of the year they are taking their 7 weeks vacation and then retiring. Well now they have they have to work an extra 10 weeks to get their last years credit. So whats the problem , we have already picked vacations for next year and now all that may change because the letter was not send out till Dec 1 , after the vacation schedule was already filled out. I am quite sure they new they were going to do this before election of officers this fall and waited til after the election to inform us of this good news. I dont know much about the APWA , and we think our 710 pensions are secure , but it sound like the APWA freight train is gathering momentum , and with changes like this I can understand why. Merry Christmas to all and to all a 12 hour dispatch!!!
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    Where is local 710?
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    Covers most off Illinois , outside of city of Chicago , and parts of Indiana , Wisconsin , and Iowa.