Local 901 (Puerto Rico) Approves an unanimous STRIKE VOTE!!!

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    (San Juan, Puerto Rico) - After several years of suffering abuse by UPS management, peers of Local 901 affiliated with the International Brotherhood Teamsters, aprovaron unanimously a vote to strike on Sunday. The assembly was undertaken to discuss all irregularities are occurring in that workplace.
    • The UPS management Puerto Rico has dismissed four shop stewards including general delegate. They are forcing drivers to deliver up late at night most 11:30 pm and 12:00 AM. Being punished if they refuse to deliver and come with missed packages to the center.

    • Force dismissals of employees, particularly the seniors, to avoid they eligibility to a more complete retirement pension.

    • Prohibits employees go to the bathroom and intends the employee batch in-out every time they go to the bathroom. (Currently have an older employee out of work because claimed to have a health condition that required her go to the bathroom.)

    • Supervisors and managers treat employees in an arrogant and contemptuous.

    The Teamsters Union Local 901 has tried by all means to resolve these situations but we have encountered a stubborn employer attitude, uncompromising and carefree.

    In the Union we prepare to concerted action to frame law to protect and assert the dignity and respect our workers.



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    I ain't got no worries
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    It seems that this new poster is the only one reporting this startling devolvement.
    A goggle search revealed nothing, except a recent almost unanimous yes vote on their supplement.
    Even TDU isn't reporting anything on this subject, a story in which they most certainly would be running with.
    I smell a troll.
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    I can't help this but were you wearing googles when you goggle searched?
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    Does this mean the Bronx is shut down?
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    BRONX ,Miami.The state of Arizona...three quarters of Texas........and all of Canada.......not sure if Canadians count.lol
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    All this no voting never would have happened if ups took care off there in employees. The harassment, taking away the perks.

    ​They even took the Turkey. Now all the penny pinching the company is doing is biting them in the butt. I wouldn't be surprised if we get a new CEO after the contract is finalized.
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    I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself.

    ​Good luck Local 901 and God speed!

    BSWALKS I Wanna Be Sedated

    Not sure but there will definitely be flags
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    How much volume goes into and out of PR on a daily basis ? Read there contract they if they have seniority they can request a 30, 35 or 40 work week.
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    I'm sorry, ​I didn't get that, you're breaking up.
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    Only taco bell deliveries and pick ups.
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    Latin Spanish is spoken in PR ... not Mexican.
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    I'd think UPS might want to settle this quickly. This add to the idea that the strike threat here in the States is really high, even if it isn't for yhr se issues. Cheryl had posted an article from The Motley Fool-an investor website-expressing concern over several supplements not being passed yet. Now one "branch" of UPS is going on strike (that they already passed their supplement will get lost, I'm sure)! Could spook investors as well as customers.

    As an aside, I have a feeling of thankfulness that the PR UPSers are Teamsters. Reading their gripes in the OP's post read like so many other accounts in non-union blue collar ships, to say nothing about places in other less-developed areas. Nice to know these guys have some leverage.
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    Click 'See Translation' below each post.
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