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    I work on the local sort and have been for around 2 years. I am getting to go to driver school to become a cover driver this upcoming week, but a few other guys have also worked local sort for 2 years. they have been trying to become a cover driver also. Our ups is hiring people off the street to be seasonal help as cover drivers. can they do that ? these guys have been with ups for 2 years and want to be cover drivers. ups is getting random people and not letting them go to driver school.

    can they do this ? !
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    No, they cannot. Ya'll should file a grievance immediately. All driving positions must be offered to bargaining employees first before hiring outside help.
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    check your local supplement , first.
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    Your Supplement will tell you if you have bidding rights on seasonal jobs. I'm guessing not.

    These peak season jobs may fall under a "free period" where the company can hire off the street and ignore seniority.

    But be sure all of these jobs really are seasonal. It wouldn't be the first time UPS should have hired from within, but didn't by claiming the job was only temporary.
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    Also in the future ( if you want to drive or others do, full-time, seniority) make sure these drivers off the street are NOT working immediately after X-mas without layoff and making seniority as regular non-seasonal drivers.

    I have seen UPS do this as well, for the "runners" that make great numbers for management during peak.
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    CWB congrads; on the new position beware that it maybe only seasonal for you, so stack your money! Also check with your shop steward about your concerns with those who hired with you!:peaceful:

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    Yes...The company can hire any temp/seasonal/permanent drivers they want as long as the posting was done per what ever your supplemental says.
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    thanks so much, I am glade I know this.
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    I'm in a similar situation. I was working preload. After driving school, the plan was to still load in the morning, then go drive half routes. Instead, they switched me to reload, but haven't done that shift yet, just driving. On the seniority list, I'm still under reload since I don't have my 30 in because of the lame peak rule.

    My question is that if I don't drive and they ask me to do reload that day, can I refuse even though I'm still on the list?

    I'm under the W. PA supplement, but can't find the answer. In our center, they're called reg temps, not cover drivers if that matters.
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