LOL, They Never Gave Us Break on Monday!

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    I know its not funny really but they decided to skip our break today at our hub...this has happened once before but we had a sub in for our manager when it happened..this time, he was here, and so was his boss...which is one of the high a pick it doesnt really bother me if I get a break or not because I hardly sweat as it is..but it sux for the loaders, and to be honest, even tho im pick off....a break is still nice, if i want water or need to use the restroom....this was on a monday too...we were very light...I dont even think the bldg broke 20k in volume...and i actually mentioned it to my mgr that night..i was trying to be like.." what happen to our break with a smile " OHHHH EMERGENCY..EMERGENCY....which was a retarded answer because 1) it was light....20k?????/ 2) its in the contract we get break AFTER THE 1ST HOUR BEFOREEEE THE 3rd hour

    our supervisor asked our managers boss who was the high up who was there...he said..oh no no no..break after 3 hours of work.... LMAO????

    check it out

    I work 6pm to 9pm usually...our break has been and always is befire 8pm...usually around 7:45 or what a bunch of bull..after 3 hours? lol...sometimes they tell me to go home around 8:45... i mean, if my math is right..that is before 3 hours we usually have im not trying to just finding it funny how they dont give us break on a light night , and then say it was heavy and it was an emergency they didnt give us break...hehe..go figure..
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    the anwser to this is simple . it was a light night but "corporate " was there and things got F'ed durring your slow time to usual break . when it was resolved it was to late and the sup had to run the ops perfectly when he was watched and the ask a stupid question to his corporate boss of your break the next slow time he had to give you .his boss laughed at him for asking it in the first place and his boss knew you would still probally make PPH for the night . this was a slam to the sup , a PT i would assume . you got paid a extra 10 min on a light night and you now know your pt got his ass laughed at by distict or better. hope this helped, use the extra 1o min for your next payment on the ferrari. :happy-very:
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    I bet they wont even pay us for the 10 minutes, they prob will take it out, because they assume we wont notice
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    ... it helps to be literate. In our contract it CLEARLY states we are to have a 10 min break before the 3rd hour/after 1h30min.

    When the belts go off in my hub, its break time. No matter how bad the situation. Break is break.
  5. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Your 10 Break is paid, or should be!!
  6. NY11725

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    Thats how it is at my hub..but they decided not to give us break, and didnt give us a valid reason why
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    I'm not sure if it's like this in all hubs, but in our center when we work through break we get an additional 10 minutes added to our time. But get paid regardless if we take break or not.
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    Im pretty sure in my hub, if they call break, they take out 10 minutes
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    The ten minute should be paid if not I'd say something to a steward or read you rider and see what it says about breaks.
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    In my building, there are no paid breaks; unless you are a full-time employee. Sounds....interesting.

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    you say you're working three hours. Are you getting paid three hours or the 3.5 guarantee?
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    No I never said I work 3 hours

    I work from 6pm to 9pm I said that..but im usually clocking out around 2 hours 40 minutes or so, sometimes a tad later..but i was using that as an example because one of the high ups said u only get break after 3 hours, but I was explaning that we usually get break after the 1st our before the 3rd, and the reason I said 3 hours is because that is what the high up said mean while we arnt even there for 3 hours and we always got break before 8pm

    I was using my work frame as the example....
  13. UnsurePost

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    IF you are not getting 3 hours, nevermind 3.5 hours then buzz off! You get break between 2nd and 3rd hours (perhaps different in other areas) but as a rule of thumb you get 10 minutes between those hours. If you don't stick around for your garauntee then you have no rights to the 10 minutes.
  14. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    Do you even know that part timers are guaranteed at least 3.5hrs a day?
  15. grgrcr88

    grgrcr88 No It's not green grocer!

    You need to read article 22 section 5 of your national master contract. breaks are adressed in your local rider, so depending on your local agreement it will be different. The central region is in article 11 section 6, states:
    All part-time employees shall be given a paid break ot ten(10) minutes per shift or part time operation. Breaks shall not be scheduled prior to one(1) hour of work being performed.
  16. UnsurePost

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    This also shows you do not keep track of the hours you work every day. I bet management has had a field day adjusting your hours. Not good.
  17. NY11725

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    First off. I do keep track of my hours all need to chyll out before acting like you know everything about another hub

    NO ONE in my hub gets 3.5 hours right now...its too slow...they push and push to get you out by 8:30..they just laugh if you ask to stay for your hours...seniority or no seniority...but then again, ppl running my hub are *******s

    every hub is different, some hubs are heavier in flow than dont assume we all just get 3.5 we are gaurentted 3.5? OK! just like we are garenteed our break we didnt get....and we never get break after the 2nd hour....its always after the 1st b4 the 2nd.....the whole warehouse breaks at the same time
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    and no, whe n I clock out, I check the total time...and when my check comes available the following wednesday online, the time i saw on the time clock is what my check says...ALWAYS
  19. UnsurePost

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    You don't know what you are talking about...if you want help then be a bit more open to learning something.

    Writing down your hours is how you keep track of time. All 10 minute breaks are PAID BREAKS, period, end of story.

    If you are saying you are not gettnig paid for the 10 minutes then either (1) you are not writing down your hours, because you would account for that or (2) management is pulling one over on you and stealing from you.

    Either way, like I said, management is having a field day with YOU.

    Also, as a part-timer, the Teamsters and UPS negotiated that YOU ARE GUARANTEED 3.5 HOURS OF WORK. That is it, end of story. Unless you are an air driver, they have a 3 hour guarantee. To come on here and say that every hub is different and you don't work here or whatever only shows you need to READ AND LEARN THE UNION MASTER CONTRACT - because that is a basic fact that everyone knows and does not vary.

    So again, management is pulling a facade with you part-timers in your building and you (and probably others) are buying it hook line and sinker.
  20. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    YOU ARE THE UNION. If you are not getting 3.5, FILE A GRIEVANCE. It is a no-brainer, 100% win.

    If you don't want the time, that is another story. You are simply allowing the big brown bully to get away with whatever they want. If that is what you want, and you don't want the money and guaranteed time, that is another story.

    The bottom line - back to the original topic, your paid break is between 1 and 3rd hour. If you do not work 3 hours, then you are not getting a paid break. So simply put - they do not have to give a break to you for working when you don't work 3. That is all it is.