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  1. porter

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    I am in Ohio, I have 31, almost 32 years full time. Drove packages since I started then went to feeders in 86-90, then back to packages till 99, where I went into a porter job where I still am. Feeder School came up and I was top to sign the intent sheet but was denied because I didn't have a year of safe driving pryor to the feeder school. I filed two grievences which have't been heard yet and in the meantime looking for someone who was allowed to do this or some similar circumstances....that I can take to the hearing in my defense.... I let my DOT (medical card) expire when I went into the porter job so management wouldn't use and abuse me to run bundles when needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ps...I never disqualified myself from feeders in writing.
  2. over9five

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    Do they not like you? WHY would they use that lame excuse? You will win at the panel!

    Have you had any accidents in the past year?

    Something is going on. There's more to the story.
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    :sad:portor after 32 years of full-time?retire there is life after brown.years ago it was a good company to work for.i enjoyed 29 out of 30years i was there.the last year i was glad to retired.:):thumbup:course the c.m. we had had it in for older drivers.:lol:retire its a great life after brown.
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    IM 7 years in... still some time left b4 I retire... I am a p/t sup.. any body have any info on how i can go into feeders? I would like to go across country and deliver pkgs. Do I have to be a package car driver first?
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    In my hub the only group of people required to have the one year of safe driving are the package car drivers. We have had part-timers with less than a year of senority get into feeders, as well as combo workers who had never driven a truck for UPS make it in as well. You should be able to get in with your history.

  6. porter

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    Cant retire till I am 57 years old, only 54 right now. Still will get penalized 6% yearly off accrual amout till I am 62. What am supposed to do without insurance?
  7. 705red

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    Porter i know of a porter here who just filed for the same and 2 combo inside employees that filed to go into feeders to. The contract does state that you need 1 year safe driving in order to qualify and thats the stance the company here is taking. Im pretty sure its headed to arbitration here, these cases have not been heard at panel yet, but labor can be hard headed sometimes! Good luck to you in your case, im not sure wht they are giving you a hard time you are already trained for feeder!
  8. brownrodster

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    I'm confused.

    So your drivers abstract is not clean for the last year and that's why they won't let you into feeders? As in you have a ticket or an accident?

    I thought you needed a clean driving record to get into any sort of driving with UPS. pkg/air/feeder. We've had numerous people denied pkg driving because of bad driving records.
  9. MR_Vengeance

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    there's a saying "once you are in feeder then you are feeder for life". The truth is, they ( BOTH management and drivers) don't like people getting in and out because "you gotta put in the time to earn a spot" as i was told.
  10. 705red

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    The contract states 1 year of ups safe driving in order to qualify. Hes been working as a porter which doesnt entail driving.
  11. raceanoncr

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    Porter, I don't mean to seem antogonistic here but...haven't we gone over this before?

    I answered your question on what happened here locally and Ozzey also responded with the same response...that is, he was in porters and went back to feeders because he never disqualified himself.

    He was in porters for a few yrs and never had to get ANOTHER yr of safe driving...how can you do this if in porters?

    He kept up his DOT card, he kept up his CDL, he never disqualified himself from feeders.

    The p/c list was never filled, that is, the required number of classified drivers was not filled for the school, so he was accepted back again. BUT, as he stated, it was after a state panel hearing.

    Have you responded to Ozzey? Have you PMd him? I suggest you do.
  12. hoser

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    you're a supervisor with seven years in and you don't know the answer to a question as simple as that?

    wow, ups is a f-cked up organization..
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    :lol:good man or woman hoser.:thumbup1::)i mean good answer:tongue_sm
  14. hdkappler

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    :laugh:hoser you spelled f-cked up.what letter did you leave out.:lol:i heard a f--k word on the golf course.:thumbup1::thumbup1::laugh::laugh::laugh::ohmy::tongue_sm
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    Not sure, but I'm guessing "u".
  16. brownrodster

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    Wow I've never seen this. Is this in his regional supplement? I'll go search mine. But we've had part timers go feeder. And pkg drivers with less than a year go feeder.

    What a bummer if it requires your previous year of employment to be as a pkg driver.
  17. brett636

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    When they post up a feeder bid sheet here it has that stipulation, but for some reason the only group that has to have one year of safe driving is the package car drivers. Part-timers and combo workers never seem to find that a problem.
  18. over9five

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    There's just no reason for this. I think Mr. Porter has someone :censored2: at him...
  19. TrackThis

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    c'mon.... is that necessary? I was wondering if its recommended to be a pkg car driver first. I've actually only been a sup for 2 years. Thanks for nothing hoser.
  20. local804

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    There ya go