lost one of our own

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  1. retired2000

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    we had a package car driver die yesterday. he was 49 years old. he was coming back from his run on the nys thruway. seems there was a minor accident in front of him, so we think he was slowing down for that one and lost control of the car. he hit 3 other vehicles and went off the road. there are no other details as of now.
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    These stories are always sad...Maybe later someone could share something about this person in his memory. Meanwhile let's keep the driver and his family in our prayers
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    driver killed on N.Y. state thruway

    A UPS driver was killed shortly before 6 p.m. in a crash on the state Thruway near Liverpool, state police said.
    The driver, Robert Murdock, lived on Lake Avenue in Auburn, state police said.
    The crash blocked the Thruway's eastbound lanes, according to the state Thruway Authority. As of 9 p.m., one eastbound lane remained closed.
    The crash involved the UPS truck and three other vehicles: a tree services vehicle towing a sedan, a small tractor-trailer and a pickup truck towing a trailer loaded with furniture and other household items, state police said. The crash scattered the trailer's contents over the highway.
    It's uncertain exactly who hit whom, state police said. The drivers slowed abruptly for traffic backed up by a previous, minor crash about 300 yards east on the Thruway, state police said. That crash was hidden by a curve in the road.

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  4. steakmaker

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    I'm trying to picture Robert Murdock,does anyone know if he was ever in Syracuse Feeders? My prayers go out to the Family,friends & fellow workers!
  5. retired2000

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    no i do not think he was in feeders at all.
    calling hours for bob are dunday from 2-5 at checho funeral home 1778 clark st auburn ny and monday at 9am at st mary's church on clark st auburn ny
  6. retired2000

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    seems ups had a bad accident up in the watertown area so one of the mechanics went to the national saftey board and they are looking into ups repair records.
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    This is very sad. Please people, don`t post any rumors or heresay. Just wait for the investigation to be completed and keep his family in your prayers.
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    Actually, there was a mechanic in the Watertown building who filed a lawsuit against UPS for putting unsafe cars on the road. Last I heard the Attorney General was looking into it. How this applies to the accident in Syracuse I what I am still trying to figure out.
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    Its a very sad day when we lose one of our own. My prayers go out to the family,friends and fellow workers also..
  10. retired2000

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    if it happens in watertown it can happen anywhere. how good do you think those frames are after 20 plus years in upstate winters. alot of salt gets on those cars
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    Nothing surprises me at UPS anymore, nothing.
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    Thoughts and prayers go out to his family. This definitely makes you think about safety while riding down the interstate in a package car. We drive them everyday without thinking twice but sadly it takes something like this to remind us that we are always at risk. I hope UPS steps up and takes care of his family. Condolences.....
  13. 705red

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    As drivers we make thousands of decisions a day, most of them in a split second and thats all it takes to change our lives, our family and our friends lives, so please becareful i really hate reading these types of stories.

    Robert murdock his family and friends will be in our prayers.