LP in cerrtios,Ca is bad

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    I just tried to get a pass for a cell phone because my car got broken into a while back and it is not the most safest place to have it. so i leave my personal phone at home. But the one i need to get a pass for is for the company i work for it requires me to have a phone on me at all times. i don't have to answer it when it rings but i can call the person back at break. im a part-time unloader at night with almost 3years with the company. but yet a girl with less the 1 year can get one for her phone. what is up with that? can anyone help me out or know how to get in contact with someone above him.
  2. HazMatMan

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    Maybe you need to do what the girl did to get her pass. Seriously, just go to the head of lp and talk to them about it, explain your situation to them. After 9/11 we were able to bring cell phones to work, no pass needed.
  3. over9five

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    "...do what the girl did to get her pass."

    No. I'm NOT gonna go there... !
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    I think you're wrong HazMat. At my old hub, we needed a property pass to get anything past the guardshack. At this hub, we can bring a cell/pager in as long as we can prove it turns on and off (has power, so they know we didn't take it from a damaged box). -Rocky
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    Not wrong Rock. We walk in with it, no problem, we walk out with it no problem. Only thing is when you leave they check to see that the phone is on. Cause if you stole one, it wouldn't be on.. I don't think they allowed cell phones in before 9/11.
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    building im in no pass for phones..don't even have to prove it works or don't work..security(rent a cop) hardly gets up to even look in your bag the only time they do is when a suit comes out then they check everyone.
    or they only check the bags of rival gang members..to piss them off.
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    lmfao!!! .
  8. local804

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    no passes are needed for the phones here rocky
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    Depends on how large a center you work out of -- I started in a small building with no security (well, ok, we had a fence) and moved to a much larger one -- just go to LP (ask someone, they'll direct you) and you basically "register" the phone with them -- They'll record the phone make and model and serial number and give you a sticker -- then you're done. Make sure they let you put the sticker on -- our LP people are crooked... er, wait that doesn't sound right...

    It's not a big deal...
  10. RockyRogue

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    It was in Illinois. Maybe the new policy hadn't been implemented yet. I carry my cell into the hub every day. Management doesn't like it but they don't stop it. Anyway...pretty much every hourly under the age of 25 carries one. I've seen people take calls while they were working. It doesn't make management very happy. -Rocky
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    What does?
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    Doing what that girl did. :w00t:
  13. RockyRogue

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    Clearing a 48 foot feeder trailer with over 2,000 pieces in less than two hours. That's a good start, anyway :w00t: . -Rocky
  14. Harry Manback

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    The title of this thread really caught my eye. LP is bad everywhere. I think they get off on trying to intimidate the hourlys. Once I saw one, ream out a guard at the gate for not inspecting a older driver's lunch box; he got pretty nasty with the guard too. I felt bad for her. Check his lunchbox? FFS! He's only been giving his blood, sweat, and tears to this place for the last 20 some odd years. He probably takes a 10 minute lunch off the clock, sorting his truck while inhaling a sandwich because there's no way in hell he'd make 9.5, if he took a real lunch. The cavity search is uneccesary.

    Where's the Gestapo when they're really needed? There was an incident at a local hub where some part timers were stealing guns, by "tossing them over the fence" at they're building. They got away with it for a while too. I'm guessing, they were fairly lucrative at it. Where was Himler and the boys then? I'll tell you where they were, they were pickin on a guard for not checking a lunch box, stalking a driver and taking photos when they went 2 miles out of trace for lunch. They were picking random hub rats, taking them into their interogation room and "almost" accusing them of stealing, just to see who would squirm. But I digress, one thing i did enjoy seeing LP do was, "parking duty" at the Centennial Celebration...I guess maybe they did that to make sure no one stole any of the package car models from the "Race the Truck" simulator or to make sure no one got more than one hot dog....
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    if you are in a BIG building in an urban area, such as cerritos, its going to be a hassle to get a pass. You should know this by now. Theft and dishonesty is a big probelm. Dont be mad at LP because they are trying to control what punk :censored2: thieves have messed up for all of us.... You need to find a better approach and talk to your LP manager or some1 else and make it happen.
  16. tieguy

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    I understand your point but throwing packages over a fence does leave a trail. Someone will eventually see the person throwing stuff over the fence or see the car that pulls up outside the fence to retrieve the merchandise. Or someone will see the empty boxes/ trash laying outside the fence. Meanwhile there are a lot of high dollar small electronic devices and games walking through our guard shacks if the guards don't check everything. Do you have any ideas on how the "gestapo" could stop being the "gestapo" and still stop people from stealing our stuff?
  17. Harry Manback

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    Unfortunately I do not. I am however, glad that you weighed in. I understand that aggresiveness is necessary in order to deter dishonesty in such large company. I get that. But why all the scare tactics. You're in management. You know who's dishonest and who's not. Why should I or anyone else be made to feel like human scum for the actions of others. It doesn't bother me that i have to get a sticker for my phone, or that i have to walk through a metal detector, followed by a wand down, when I go home at night. Clean in and clean out is all I know. Why are they so condescending? Why do i get that "Ah crap" feeling when they're standing at the air recovery station; licking their chops to audit my car. IMO, the only people they are detering, are the one's that would never have been dishonest in the first place.
  18. RockyRogue

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    Good post in general. Don't forget UPS contracts out perimeter and entrance security. Sometimes, those contractors get out of line. At my old hub, we had a guard that acted like a police officer, even though he certainly wasn't--he wasn't moonlighting. He crossed the line with an hourly once and was gone. I asked one of his fellow guards if he'd been fired and was told he'd been "moved to another site." -Rocky
  19. hoser

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    Something like 60% of all retail thefts are internal. So it's really unreasonable to say a manager would know "whose dishonest and whose honest". Those Jewel thefts were probably the hardest working, nicest, most reasonable people in the hub. That's why the got away. The shady drug dealer guy that's a moralist would get more scrutiny than the hard working thief that always has a smile on his face. doesn't mean it's right.

    I don't get the determent argument, it's apart of the game. Just walk in with your wallet and nothin' else, it makes searches quicker. It's common where ever you go, whether it be the airport, transport companies, and even call centres do it in order to get their ISO cert.

    What I don't get is why they don't do the search in and out of the facility, no the parking lot. It seems that they're causing 10 times more work to be done than is needed.
  20. hoser

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    I could imagine the teamsters wanting those boys to be in house, until they remembered their clause in the contract that says "nothing from a bargaining unit employee may be used to discipline against another bargaining unit employee". Or maybe that is what the tea-sters want.