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    I'm in the southeast, under our contract the lunch hour is to be taken between the 4 and 6 hour. You must take your entire meal or be disciplined. So now that we have drivers doing this, all business stops are not getting del. The solution is to ride and tell employee that he can only take lunch in trace. In the past it has kind of been an unwritten rule not to go off area more thatn 1 mile. I would like to know what is going on in other areas/centers. Getting double talk from my BA.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We must take our full 45 minutes but they are very lenient as to when we take it. I take mine in the late afternoon after all of my deliveries and first round of pickups are complete. This works best for me and for this area. I also take it at home which is on my area. We have a number of drivers who all meet at a local gas station/convenience store, usually between 6-7pm, for their meal break. This station is 1 mile from the center.
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    We have always been allowed a mile as well and they are lenient as too the time frame it is taken as long as it IS taken. It seems we just had a driver fired for something in regards to lunches and falsifying records. I don't know all the details though.
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    We also have a rule that we cannot break trace more than a mile for lunch. But they also insisted that we must start our break time from the moment that trace is broken, . I dont know about the whole 1 hr thing, I usually only take a 30 min break, and management has been fine with that. What is this mandatory 1 hr lunch thing? Is it really spelled out in your contract that a whole hour is necessary?
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    Depends on your supplement.
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    full 45 mins , isn't it supposed to be 60 mins?
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    No, but thanks for asking.
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    keep giving time and money thank god you are not on the negotiating committee we would be more than paying for benefits.
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    We get a 45 minute unpaid lunch break and a 10 minute paid break which I combine and take in the afternoon.

    As for the rest of your drivel I simply consider the source and shake my head in pity.
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    you might what to look in the mirror there is a little something on your nose. by the way have you heard ups' profits up 37% still planning on giving up some of our health benefits?

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    DRIVING ON LUNCH TIME IS NO GOOD. Lunch doesnt start till the truck stops period. My center manager tried pulling that on me and I called him out on it.

    Im in the wild west where we had the lawsuits so lunch can be taken before the end of the 5th hour or be shot. Our board locks up when you start your lunch and you unlock it when your done. They do lunch checks to make sure we all take our lunches by the time we are supposed to. We are able to start our lunch at the begining of the 3rd hour.
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    Speaking of color, what's up with all that red by your avatar?:wink2:
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    Is that his gullibility meter?
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    That has been grieved here and it was won.
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    All of these rules fly out the window in a bonus center. It doesn't matter what you do out there as long as you come in early and don't have any missed. That means more than half (probably 75%) of the center doesn't take their lunch breaks.
  17. brownmonster

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    I'm in a bonus center. We have to take our lunch break. A few verbal warnings went out the other day.

    SWORDFISH New Member

    Negative. Im in a bonus center and you will be fired if you dont follow the rules and they do lunch checks all the time. It doesnt matter who you are.
  19. Jones

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    There's a difference between putting a lunch break in your board and actually taking a lunch break. Around here all management cares about is that the report shows that every driver driver took their hour lunch, they could give a rats ass to whether you spent that hour sitting down or running house calls. In fact they would prefer that you do the latter and in a bonus center that's exactly what happens. I suspect that's what big arrow was talking about.
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    By "lunch checks", do you mean that they check to make sure that there is a lunch period put in the DIAD or do they actually print out delivery records to compare the lunch period in the DIAD with delivery activity, if any, during that same time period? To me that would be the only way to ensure that people are actually taking their lunches when they say they are.

    I think it was NHDRVR who told us about a driver in his center who was fired for putting in his lunch as 12-1, working during that time and not actually taking it until much later in the day.